Wish Me Luck

FINALLY!! I waited until the last minute, but what really counts is that I actually got it done, right?! And it wasn't because I work better under pressure of anything, what I really am is a procrastinator........ah the truth comes out. Nearly 2 months ago I found out about this, and had plenty of time in which to accomplish sorting and choosing which ones I wanted to enter, but it's done now, I feel lighter........now tomorrow or today actually given that it's 1:15am I will be able to focus on doing something fun!

From the top to the bottom (left to right):
No End in Sight, R E F L E C T I O N, F A N T A S I A,
Cerulean Dream, Progressive Hesitation, Disney Like Display, Glee Gloom.

*Modified: I thought that I should add that these photos were chosen based on categories that were set for the competition.


  1. Good luck my dear. When you are famous remember us, some of your first fans :)

  2. ...good luck!!!...i love you!!!...

  3. If you don't win, those judges are on drugs. Or blind. Or both!

    Cheering for you!! w00t!