Technodoll tagged me for a Meme, here goes.

7 Random Facts:

  1. I like to read my magazines back to front.
  2. A guilty pleasure of mine is to watch Matlock.
  3. I am a freak about making the bed, even if it's right before bed, it's still gotta be made before I get in it!
  4. I only shower about twice a week, sometimes maybe 3....I know, I know....gross...Whatever!
  5. I wear the same hoop earrings everyday, I never take them out.
  6. I am crazy, crazy, crazy about skull paraphernalia.....I have all kinds of stuff - socks, necklaces, underwear, shirts, shoes,etc.
  7. I also like to collect postcards!

*That was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be! I welcome your comments and/or ridicule.......

**I tag Sian & Joan


  1. My brother use to make his bed up right before he went to sleep. I wonder if he still does that? I enter my random facts next time I post. I've done this before so hopefully I won't repeat myself.

  2. Yeah these things are harder than they look, eh?

    Still can't access your blog from work... the Quicktime app from your slideshow makes my stupid IE window freeze and crash all the time. sigh..

  3. I never know quite how random to make these things. I enjoyed reading yours though :)

  4. Joan: It's my Mom's fault, really....she used to insist that her bed be made before she went to sleep....I had the chore of doing it so naturally I never understood what difference it made.....funny how I am now HER!!! haha

    technodoll: It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, thankfully it didn't ask for 10!! The Quicktime app may be the songs?!?! hmmmmmmm

    Sian: Cody reminded me that they didn't have to be secrets....that they just needed to be random things that people may not know....he helped a little :) I can't wait to see your randomness!!

  5. No it's the slideshow... hiccup only started since you put it up. Dang! At least I can still visit you from home, whew! :-)

  6. technodoll: I took it off!!! It served it's purpose :)

  7. I also read magazines backwards! And as for only showering a few times a week, if everyone did that, we would save a LOT of water! So well done you!

  8. Pippa: I used to think that I did it to save water....and maybe I still sort of I do it because I just appreciate showers so much more when I only take them every so often....and I don't feel guilty about staying in there for an extended period of time.....huh, guess it is because I like to save water?!?!