Yellow with a Side of Blue


Golden Creeper

+ Not exactly the same scene but the concept is comparable. I didn't particularly care for the strictly digital shot of the exact scene so I chose a different frame. Would that then make the comparison irrelevant since it's not a photo of the same exact scene? Hmmmm, oh well.......I don't usually discriminate, except for when it comes to my photos, but I can do that! Anyhoo, I took these photos about a week and a half ago, while on my way to Acupuncture. One day as I was leaving a treatment I "saw" this abandoned building off to the side of the gas station in Valle Crucis; before I started the TtV I never really noticed it before. The people pumping gas were staring at me, and it was quite uncomfortable for the first 5 minutes I was there........after that I stopped paying attention to what was going on behind me so that I could make the most of what time I had before my appointment.

+ I try to make mental notes of things I see along the road so that I can stop when I'm better prepared, and sometimes I forget........I've gotten into the habit of writing EVERYTHING down though, otherwise ideas would be lost. I have lots of scrap paper laying around with random notes that need to be transcribed so I can categorize them so I can make sense of it all.....I love when I come across old lists or notes that I haven't seen in months, especially when I can check something off of it!.........It's like "hey, I did that"......Check!........That happens to me quite often actually, I guess the act of writing it down will still allow me to recall and complete what needs to be done even if the list is no where to be found.

I would like to share what's inspiring me today:

  • Timecatcher.com: Here you will find a grouping of the most wondrous images I've ever seen. Photographs beautiful enough to make my heart ache, and to ignite a lust that runs so deep it makes me want to cry........
    WARNING: Numerous scientific research has proven this site to be a real feast for the eyes. You may experience the will to quit your day job and travel. We cannot be held responsible for such actions. Viewer discretion is advised.
  • Louis Vuitton ~ Core Values Movie: Normally, I would automatically delete an email from them as I am not currently nor will I ever carry a Louis Vuitton bag.....that being said they are running a new campaign that really struck a cord with me. This link will take you to their website, my suggestion would be to just check out the 'Core Values' film. Photos accompanied with instrumental music in a slideshow form is what you should expect, but their is also a message or campaign slogan that speaks volumes to someone who desires to travel and see the world......as I do........these words were very powerful.......if you have 5 minutes.....check it out!
*Louis Vuitton did not pay me to post this and I am in no way endorsing Louis Vuitton with this message*


  1. jm tell me about notes and scraps of paper can't find anything like how am i going to do some artwork spend the day looking only to find them where i first looked.paint brushs lots and lots of them.put them in order and size.within hours all over the place,i just walk away.hopeing they will put themselfs back but they don't.J.M. it's all part of being creative.just do what you do.be yourself and enjoy.good work again 9/10

  2. Super lovely photographs... for some reason haunting yet poetic. Again, bravo :-)

  3. POD: It's not easy to stay organized that's for sure.....

    technodoll: Thank you....it was a forgotten little building that needed some attention.....the vines against the mustard yellow is what caught my eye....

  4. jm what is the word organize mean?top pic the best it tell me of better days love from pod. p.s. how do i get to cody's blog if he's got one.

  5. POD: The simplest definition I could give for organize would be to put things in order.....to have some sort or structure - does that make sense?

    P.S. Cody doesn't have a blog, I've tried to get him to make one but no go...

  6. J.M. ta for Timecatcher.com