* P E R M A F R O S T *


~ In a perfect world.....I'd get a snow day.....I'm pretty desperate to get an extra day or so off right now but refuse to call in "sick".......just because I'm hurting doesn't mean that I'm "sick"......It just means that sitting here is making me........well........for lack of a better term.......sick!.......most people want to sit around and veg out on sick days......me, I'd much rather be out hiking and taking pictures instead of sitting in a solitary position all day long.....Thankfully, I have an Acupuncture appointment today so maybe I will get some relief then - I've got my fingers crossed.....no more moving refrigerators or microwaves for me anytime soon.....I'm stubborn, I know.
~ The above photo was one that I took during the freak ice storm we had a few weeks ago, which resulted in a quasi snow day......I post it in hopes of conjuring yet another one sometime this week....I wish I knew some sort of snow dance!.....anyways, I just never got around to posting this photo but it deserved to be here as much as any of the other ones so.......here it is......this a a tree in the field right next to our driveway.....if I composed the shot differently with more of the left side of the frame in view you would have seen the downed power line......which by the way is still there!.......I'm guessing it's the phone line since we don't have a land line thus never calling them to come out.....Lights, Cable, Phone....all different people.....they don't care if the other guys stuff is laying around posing a hazard.....Everyone's got that it's not my job mentality these days it seems......


Interesting tidbit:

ZeFrank: I appreciate his way of thinking, and to me this video seemed valid for how I'm currently feeling. His other videos are zesty and often times peppered with slants on current events. Although this one has no explicit language or other offensive content.

*Cody stumbled upon this guys stuff last night, he's a pretty interesting character. This video was part of a podcast project he did mon-fri for an entire year.


  1. jm see you missed the snow to the north west,the photo, what tone and light in color, you couldn't put it together.the start of spring which is held back by winter trying to hold on to it's grip.wonderful photo.like video.some truth ,but where did man's creativity come from.by the way my daughter Sara and family are flying into north carolina at the end of april on the way to Wilmington.pray it gets warmer. St Poddy

  2. I tell you... move to Canada, LOL! More snow days than you can shake a fist at. Or a shovel.

    *goes off to admire photos and stop thinking of winter*

    sigh. lovely tree, my dear :-)

  3. POD: I can't get enough of that video, I just love it, his insights are so interesting to me, I've watched it like 10 times, no joke! The end of April.....it will be very nice weather....although at time it can be unpredictable and has snowed but I wouldn't count on it.

    Technodoll: You don't usually sound like you get to stay home...which is my main object when it snows.....or do you?
    Thank you, the tree is way more interesting covered in ice!