What's your Traveler IQ

This new obsession started when I read another post which had a geography game I attempted to play. I did very poorly, as I know nothing about where republic's or kingdom's are located within a map. I did, however, get better at it as I continued to play the game, but I was still left with a sour taste in my mouth about the game overall, as addicting as it was. So, I set out to find a geography game that I liked better, and after many other games, I have finally found one that I like.

I can't say that I'm that much better at this game since I can't get past a certain level, but it's still fun. And honestly, if I ever expect to be a "real" traveler, hadn't I better know where these places are on the map?!?! Now, I actually want to get a huge world map and put it on a wall in my house so that I can study it, and dream about this places on my list of destinations to see, mark places that I've been to, and those I wish to go. Oh snap, here it goes, my wanderlust is kicking in!! Good thing my vacation isn't too far away.........15 days to be exact!

My Final Score: 152,310
My Final Level: 6
My Traveler IQ: 89

I'm sure you all can knock my scores out of the park - DO IT!!!!
*And for big fun, post your scores in the comments*

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  1. um... I got to level 3. score 86. oh the shame! and i have lived in a lot of those countries!!

  2. I got level 4. Man am I dumb when it comes to geography.

  3. My Final Score: 195,806
    My Final Level: 6
    My Traveler IQ: 94

    I accidentally clicked my mouse halfway across the Pacific heading for Hawaii....:-( that cost me...

    Thanks Jess, I needed something to speed up my thinking today.

  4. J.M. My final score 1****.******
    final level ** traveler 1** it was so high i had to stop .it's not fair on the others to tell them my score.they may call me names.and if you think i'm lieing then you are right. love to you and Cody. i'm not going to play any more i got get myself a life. i have painting's to do.

  5. My main problem is following directions.

  6. Hmmm... I should be proud, then. I got to level 10 and some 350.000 points (Can't remember the exact number) the islands are challenging...

  7. a little bird: hahaha, it was the pressure ;)

    greg: I feel the same way, it's funny though when you want to go somewhere, and didn't realize it was in Africa for instance. haha

    biker: ahh, you beat me.....Figures!

    matt: For you, yeah B+

    POD: It is quite addicting eh?! I've gotten a little bit better since playing :)

    joan: haha, me too at first, didn't factor speed into the equation!

    nuri: YOWZA!! You are the champ!! Kudos to you......I can't get past level 8 now..........You're AWESOME!!

  8. My son tried this last night. He blew it away. At least I didn't pass along the dumb geography genes.

  9. My Final Score: 204,581
    My Final Level: 7
    My Traveler IQ: 95

    I'll have to get my daughters to try this one.

  10. greg: I wished that I paid better attention to geography when I was in school.

    meridith: You did awesome! Seems like this game was a big hit!!

  11. I keep coming back to try this game! I'm pissed that I can't get past level 10 no matter how many times I try!!!!

  12. nuri: You're too much, it's pretty addicting eh?!?!