Where's Your Green?!


Don't blow it - good planets are hard to find.
Quoted in Time

*I made this artcard without Earth Day in mind, but I figured what better time to post it than now! To me it is somewhat plain, and I have found that the cards have become bigger than I need to be working with - too much space to fill. I'm trying to break into layering, that I have a problem with because I like them to look too clean. Don't worry, I'm working on that, for now it is what it is........

For every person who leaves a comment on the blog that says, "Plant a tree for me!" I promise to donate $1.00 to plant a tree for you to the cause above in honor of Earth Day on April 22nd.

The trees will be planted by Conservancy staff and partners working in The Atlantic Forest of Brazil. The Atlantic Forest is considered one of the world's most endangered tropical forests -- only 7% of its original area remains.

Tropical forests like this one play a particularly special role in the fight to end global climate change. And this reforestation effort to Plant a Billion Trees in The Atlantic Forest will remove 10 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year -- that's like taking 2 million cars off the road.

Tree Hugger
*The above photo was taken by Cody when we were in Mt. Charleston - Las Vegas*

+ Going Green Interactive Tip Guide:
Some are easy, and some are a little more extensive. *
A lot of great ideas!
+ Earth Day 2008 Events Worldwide
See what's happening in your neck of the woods. *
We're having a festival that I didn't know about!
+ How to go Green Guides:

Don't Forget:

For every person who leaves a comment on the blog that says, "Plant a tree for me!" I promise to donate $1.00 to plant a tree for you to the cause above in honor of Earth Day on April 22nd.


  1. Please plant a tree for me!

    Is that a sequoia in the photo?... which is lovely by the way! I miss Nevada and its quirky bits!

  2. I'm enjoying your art cards. If you want them to look less 'clean', how about ripping some edges instead of cutting them? How about a whole art card with no scissors at all? Scary, huh?
    Well done on your tree-planting x

  3. You are a true tree hugger! *giggles* I couldn't resist!

    I absolutely love your earth day card. I say don't make it what it's not. Let it be...

  4. aw, tree hugging and green awareness - there isn't a better combo.

    how do you make these beautiful collage things?? i'm so impressed by you every day.

  5. go with with pippa do have a ripping time. take a look at pippa's site. She is a 3A+ true crafter.mess all around.

  6. Please plant a tree for me.

    It wouldn't let me take the quize but I would have to say that compared to most I am very green. My family and I do so many Earth friendly things from trash pickup to saving animals. Great post.

  7. Jess, plant a tree for me,
    and one for each of the Earthly Elements:

    Earth, Air, Fire and Water

    I will reimburse.
    You are so thoughtful... thank you!

  8. TD: Yay!! Will do.....I think that it's a pine tree on steroids......although I don't know what particular pine?! I had a lot of fun out there :)

    pippa: A whole artcard with NO SCISSORS *gasps*....that does, however, sound like a terrific idea!! Even though you didn't tell me to, I'm going to plant one for you!!

    1218: hahaha, I surely am, trees are my favorite! Thank you....you're so Beatles....Let it be......Let it be! and you're getting a tree planted for you too!

    a little bird: It's funny how that works out sometimes eh? I didn't intend on making this post at all, I was just going to put up the card, then I remembered Earth Day....yada yada....the rest is history :)

    I use scrapbooking paper, misc things I cut from magazines or advertisements, glue, SCISSORS, and tape....mostly....

    awe shucks, you are too sweet. I am impressed by you too, and I'm definitely planting a tree for you and the April 'kindness' project :o)

    POD: I've been to her site many many times! She is one crafty lady :)

    Greg: You got it!! That's great to know, did you look at the interactive tip guide? I found a lot of neat ideas through that, check it out!

    biker: 5 trees for you....sheez...haha Don't worry, I've gotcha covered :)

  9. Plant a tree for me!!
    Hope I am not too late.
    What an interesting and informative post!
    We went lights out for Earth day, to reduce greenhouse gases and it sticks with us...we walk around turning off lights now.
    That is a good thing!
    You go girl!
    p.s. the art card is lovely!

  10. Plant a tree for me!!!

  11. please plant a tree for me:))

    love your tree-hugging photo. reminds me on our vacation in yosemite national park. omg - it´s ten years ago now!
    and greet big sur when you go on your trip! we had lots of fog there, hope you will have a better sight!!!

  12. It appears you just planted a gigantic tree all by yourself, the fact that your friends are asking you to plant a tree for them...hehe, just a joke.

  13. Plant a tree for me... or with me... or both!

  14. gillian: Nope, it's not too late, I don't plan to donate until Earth Day. So, one tree for you :o) Glad you liked the post.

    I've always been one to turn lights off when I leave a room, my Mom was such a nut about it when I was growing up. It stayed with me when I got older.

    Thank you about the artcard!

    anonymous: Will do!

    johanna: One tree for you :) I wish we had more time out that way so that we could see Yosemite, but if we tried, we would be pushing our luck. Big Sur is notorious for fog, but we should be there long enough to see good days and bad days, at least I hope.

    mac: I know, isn't it great!!

    artichoke: Okie Dokie :o)

  15. Please plant a tree for me ... too!

  16. Ooo, I want a tree too! :) You rock.

  17. I forgot to say please. How embarrassing.


    Thanks. :)

  18. oh! i already commented and didn't realize it!! happy earth day :)

  19. "Plant a tree for me", and happy Earth Day!

  20. Prin: No please necessary!

    a little bird: Goofy girl :o)

    Mac: Happy Earthday to you too, will do!

    Nuri: Will do!!!!

  21. Hi WW,
    Thank you for your comment at my blog pointing me to this post of yours. BE SURE to alert me when you do something like this again! (Mike and I have Nature Conservancy in our wills.)

    Love the picture of you hugging the tree. I'm pretty sure it's a Ponderosa Pine. Lots of them grow in Oregon in the Bend-La Pine area. Here's a quote from the La Pine Chamber of Commerce site: "The park is also home to Oregon's largest ponderosa pine. Nicknamed "Big Red," the tree is 191' tall, with a circumference of 326 iches, and may be in excess of 500 years old. It is also recognized as an Oregon Heritage Tree."
    Lots of Ponderosas in Nevada, which is why the Cartrights on Bonanza named their ranch "The Ponderosa" - way before your time, but maybe you've seen old reruns! :)

  22. lydia: Believe it or not, when I was younger, I would make excuses to get out of class so that I could watch the show.....hahaha I loved it!