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California : Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park : McWay Falls

McWay Falls
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It is of the utmost importance that portions of our wilderness remain unspoiled. For the sole purpose of allowing others to witness the same breathtaking beauty that many others have had the privilege to see. I feel so very fortunate to have had a sneak peek at something that someone so long ago knew needed to be preserved for generations to come.

I was positively enamored by this stupendous sight - who wouldn't be, right. I have never seen anything like it, especially as far as waterfalls go. There's really no need to paint a picture because you can see for yourself. But, I'll do it anyway...........

The rushing water flowed fast and furiously over the side of a tree topped cliff hitting the sandy shore at its end before being swept away into the multifarious shades of blue..........

Extra Details:
  • This was the shortest and most accessible hike we did while on the trip.
  • Length was 1/4 mile, and it was pretty flat.
  • Elevation gain was about 50 feet - easy peasy!
  • There was a parking fee ($8.00) within Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, although like most others, if available, you could park outside the gate and hike in.
  • Approximate height of the fall - 80 foot
  • It was easily the most popular hike in Big Sur.


  1. very good work, more.

  2. What a spectacular view. I miss those California beaches.

  3. I would love to spend a day playing in the falls and pool. A little paradise on Earth.

  4. I love the two shades of blue and the wildflowers that form a natural picket fence border.

  5. Is that a virgin beach? It looks amazing... such a rare gem to find a place not messed up by humans.

    Gorgeous. I love it.

  6. wow. all of your photos are spectacular, makes me think i should get outside more and appreciate this state i'm living in!

  7. That is an absolutely gorgeous photo! Look at the different colors of blue in the water. I also appreciated your words about conservation/preservation. You might consider sharing your Big Sur travel journal and photos with a group whose mission it is to preserve Big Sur. Sierra Club, maybe? A calendar could be made from your artistic renditions of your amazing trip . . .
    (gee, thanks for your special comment about me at little bird's blog!)

  8. Pod: You got it! :o)

    greg: I miss them too......

    biker: It was a like a little paradise, too bad you couldn't hang out on that beach though :( It was for the best....

    elisabeth: Thanks for stopping by! and thank you :)

    meridith: In person, there were more than just 2 shades of blue....every blue you could imagine was preset!

    1218: Thanks :o)

    TD: Technically, people are not supposed to go down there.....access is not readily available, although I suspect that it's been done before. If you get caught there would be some hefty fines!!

    a little bird: You better ;)

    lydia: That's not a bad idea.....I'll have to do some checking into that....a calendar would be a great little keepsake for next year! I am planning on making a photo book of my favorites for myself :)
    (You're welcome, it was very well deserved)

  9. Mmmmmm, so peaceful... I can almost hear the sea lapping against the shore.....

  10. getty: It was pretty peaceful....

    prin: :)

  11. Nice photo to use for a cover of a travel and/or vacation magazine.