~ E N I G M A ~


The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.
~Henry Miller~

Ever since my new photoshop layer obsession began a few short weeks ago,
I have gained a keener eye.
I have been on an endless hunt for textures, and have been pleasantly surprised with what I have found.

After Cody and I left the ASU library yesterday, to get some photoshop books (I know, it's bad),
I found myself looking at the seemingly unsightly concrete walls for the uneven crackles and colored splotches peppered throughout.
Heck, I was even taking photos of the rust, and drippy juice lines on the dumpster near by. Ewe, gross.....haha

On a regular basis I stop and take the time to see that which would normally go unnoticed.
But my newfangled fascination has me delving that much deeper.
I really needed this boost in creativity.
I hate to say it but I was beginning to get a little bored with what I was producing,
which might explain why my posts were getting a little sparse?!
I'm glad that I am more excited to share what I've been doing with my free time :o)


  1. this is one of my favorites. it's an enigma wrapped in mystery : ) or however that goofy saying goes. i love the green! makes me think of summer and heat.

  2. I too love the use of the TTV photo here. It makes the yellow flower pop right out at you.

    Your post made me have a little laugh. I can see you now, taking shots of goo on bins and saying to Cody "just one more" he must be so good to stand by and wait for you.

    It is alway good to challenge yourself now and again doing something different and feeling invigorated. You are doing a wonderful job with merging layers and your passion is shows through in what you are producing.

  3. I love this!!!! I have photoshop and should learn to use it!!!!

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    p.s. I was thinking of you tonight when I visited a blog by an Australian girls who does a lot of photography too, plus collography etc. I think you would like her art. Her link is on my blog - Mystory - Jo's blog.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

  4. looks like paper and the stuff it is made of. I have lots of those plants in my yard.

  5. I am so glad you are getting your mojo back! Good for photoshop for sparking your creative juices.

  6. lovely photo only the back flower could be more crisp.what do i know?

  7. Textures... try blankets and clothing, tree bark, a slab of steak... OK maybe not the steak, but you get the idea ;-)

  8. now you are coming to a time of looking outside the box.take away the window and the bricks and what have you got a room with no walls.you are so good.take stock and ask youself.it may be you are doing it.the light will come.think of a color and all the shades in that color and put it into one frame.it takes work.set a flower, a shoe,a earing,a headscafe, or a mug.just try this way setting things together.it can be anything.you know you got what it takes.

  9. Great idea to use photoshop as an art medium rather then as a tool to get a design job done.

  10. I like the affect. When do you find the time to do experiment?

  11. a little bird: Really, sweet! I sort of blew out the effects to make it that green, but I liked it that way.

    liss: I took the photo specifically to do something with it in photoshop, I really liked the outcome.

    Cody is very patient, and I am so thankful for that....I really don't know how he does it?!

    Thanks for the wonderful comment :o)

    elisabeth: Thanks!

    jacky: There are so many different resources online to aid in learning photoshop......I find that video tutorials are the best.

    I checked out the recommendation: I had never heard of collography before. You're right, I did like here art. Thanks for sharing!

    greg: The cow parsnips are beginning to become bare?! Although the carcasses are pretty too :)

    1218: Mojo is a great thing to have eh?! I'm a learning a lot just playing around....

    pod: Well, when I took the photo, my intention was to have a shallow depth of field, so that's why the back flower is out of focus.....thanks for the suggestions :)

    TD: Everything is up for grabs!!

    jen: I know I'm not the first person to do such a thing.....but it's definitely opening new doors for me :o)

    meridith: Yay, glad you like it! Well, normally I have a work flow that almost all of my photos go through, but with the layers, I just add a handful more steps to that process. I'm usually messing with my photos everyday.......

  12. Hiya :o)

    Truly inspirational.... beautiful and full of emotion. I love this piece so much!!!

    I haven't really used photoshop too much until recently... I am now starting to play with it a bit. Seeing your amazing pieces of art provides me with the incentive to experiment a bit more.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend xx

  13. What a wonderful photo. I'm off into town with my eldest daughter in a minute - she has to find images of urban decay to photograph for an art project, I shall remember your words

  14. I'm so pleased to hear how inspired you are. I adore this picture. I love the sound of layering. Looking forward to seeing more x

  15. getty: Thanks, Graham! Experimentation is good, I'm beginning to get the hang of this layer thing.....although there is a lot more I need to learn on top of that!

    RR: Anytime! Hope she found some good shots :)

    pippa: Howdy stranger! Layers are a lot of fun, I'm obsessed now?!?! haha

  16. aaaaaah, you know i fall on my knees when i see such an altered ttv!!! adorable!

  17. johanna: Yay! I should have known you would like it :)

  18. I really like that quote.

    Textures do rock, don't they? I so love them (and sometimes hate them).