Ashe County Disc Golf Course

View from Number 2

I've played with Cody and one of his friends before when we were visiting Atlanta.
That course was very different from the one in Ashe County.
The objective, for those who are not up to speed, is to launch a frisbee-like disc toward a goal.
See photo below of Cody hurling his disc, oh and, he wants to make sure that I tell you he didn't hit the tree that it appears to be headed toward.

What you see below is one of the baskets.
The sound of chains clank when you've managed to score.
Now, like 'real' golf, the holes or baskets still have a par that you shoot for.
The averages for most were par 3, which by the way, I didn't come close to maintaining!
Good thing no one in our group was interested in keeping score anyhow.

Disc Golf Basket

The valley that the course was nestled in was simply beautiful, and very serene.
Even with a tournament going on.
Of all the days we could have ventured to the disc-golf course.....they were having a competition!
They basically told us that we could play as long as we stayed out of the pros way.
We slipped in behind a group after they blew the air horn.

The Boys

We weren't rushing, but we wanted to stay a hole or two in front of the group behind us.
We did really well with staying out of everyone's way, until we reached hole 9.
Number 8 took us up a hill, and into the woods where we were stopped by two groups waiting to throw.

Number 9

When it was finally our turn to go, we walked over to the concrete pad and looked out
through the gap between the trees.......the basket was waaaaaaaaay down there!
I had no idea how the heck I was going to get my disc down there?!?!
It was 553 ft away, only a yellow blip amongst the green lawn.
The little sign cautions you to WATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS!
If you hit someone it's your fault + responsibility.
They have a sign, it's had to have happened at some point!

Far Away Number 9

Here is a zoomed shot of the basket, it still looks far away!
We watched a group of guys that were competing take their turns.
Once they were done, we took our turn......
I'm only going to say we were no where near hitting a par 4!
If was definitely fun to try, I almost didn't, but they talked me into it.

From Number 9's Basket

We hiked down to the bottom to fetch our discs.
Throwing until we all reached the basket.
From the end it looked just as distant, if not further than what we remembered.

The Path

I'm glad we were coming down that path!

After getting stuck behind two groups at another hole, we decided to pack it up.
The area was very pretty, I think Cody will have no problem getting me back out there some time soon.

Charlie Swing

Just for fun, here's a photo of Charlie.
I didn't have time to select my settings, so this motion shot was taken.
It makes me laugh :o)

Ever play disc-golf?
What sorts of games do you play outdoors?


  1. Never played it and, in fact, never even heard of it until you blogged about it. When did it come to be? Was it originated in the U.S. or another country? It looks like fun. All except the part that you can get hit; I mean, what good is a right to sue if you're a vegetable!
    You made me think that I don't play any games outside. We hike, but that's not a game...

  2. Wow, that looks like fun! I have never heard of that game before, but sure would love to have a go especially on a beautiful course like Ashe.
    I dont play any games either...we are on a farm though, so spend time outdoors with the animals.

  3. I never new this game existed, defiantly my type of golf. Looks like heaps of fun. The scenery is so beautiful I am surprised you weren’t slower getting around the course from taking all you photos.

  4. all i can say don't take dogs when you play this game.great game golf gets in the way of a good walk.

  5. There is an exceptional course at one of the parks in Hickory. It remains the #1 free thing to do when we're bored. I'm not good.

  6. lydia: Apparently, its been around since the 60's, and began here in the US. Generally you shouldn't get hit, but hole nine is a special case. Normally, you would wait until the party in front of you is completely done before moving on. What about horseshoes? I'm not too shabby at that.

    jacky: Sometimes I wish we has a farm :) I love animals! I've had some farm animals before, but never an actual farm.

    liss: I was surprised too, but I kept the camera bag right at my side so that I could pull out the camera quickly and stash it away when it was my go. I didn't take a whole lot of photos.....even though I wanted to!

    Pod: That's not something we have to worry about, no dogs.

    carmen: Sweet, I had no idea......I wonder if Cody knew?! Thanks for the info :)

  7. I've never heard of it either. It looks a bit challenging -- like you have to have a strong arm to get your disc toward the goal.

    My outdoor games are limited to occasional volleyball matches and pickup basketball games at picnics or get-togethers with friends.

  8. i've never played, or even heard of it, but it does look like fun -- and amazing scenery you have there. :)

  9. I've never even heard of disc golf. How cool! It seems like it would be difficult though. How many of those discs do you lose? I like any type of outdoor activity really! I'll try anything once.

  10. Looks like so much fun - I will have to check it out! There was a small disc golf course in raleigh, but I think the discs kept hitting cars and they took it down. :(

  11. LOL! How ironic! I popped over my sister's house at the weekend as it was my nephew's 12th birthday. After afternoon tea, we were all stood around his Wii console playing Beach Disc Golf using the handsets... It was fun! However, judging by your great photographs, it was nothing like the real thing! I am going to have to do some net surfing this weekend, to see if there are any local places here that do it.

    ps. That moving clip of Cody is soooo cool!!!! How on earth did you do manage to do that?

    warm wishes

    G :o)

  12. Holy amazing shots! It looks like you guys had the most perfect day :)

  13. Love these pages...thank you for directing me here!
    All my boy's are golf fanatics...they will love these pics...I'm not a golfer...they have tried to get me out there...
    I play in my 'quiet' studio when they are on the course!

  14. yea! disc golf! i play as often as i can. but HOLY CRAP, that course was gorgeous.

    check out my post from late december.

  15. meridith: Most of the hole were around 300 ft, no where near as far as hole 9. Precision is a lot more important than a strong arm in some cases. My problem is with throwing it properly!

    jessie: It was definitely a lot of fun, as well as scenic :)

    1218: I was afraid of losing my one and only disc, but everyone assured me that it wasn't a big deal. The water hazards are what you really need to be on the look out for!

    please sir: Oh yeah, you're in NC too! I bet there's one in your area....

    graham: Disc golf on a video game....Crazy....I had no idea! The moving image is called a gif. There are programs online that will put them together for you free of charge, although it is possible to do with a photoshop program.

    peachtree: It was a wonderful day!

    jo: Do they play "real" golf or disc golf?! I've never played the real thing before....
    I'm glad you broke on through to the other side ;)

    bryan: It was really pretty out there, I wish I would have taken a video! Maybe next time :)

  16. I have never played this... but have heard about it... I'm terrible at throwing a frisbee... I think I will stick with golf... I don't need more frustration!
    Love your animated photo!

  17. That looks way awesome. I'd never heard of it either.

  18. fifi: It is very similar to throwing a frisbee.....I had fun with the animated photo, thanks!

    prin: I wonder if there are any courses around where you are?