Brighten My Day

Like the Sun

The warmth on my face
Promise of a tight embrace
I cherish the shine

See, I'm still on my haiku kick....
The weather was magnificent today.
It's a shame that I spent so little time outside.

You might recognize this lovely from recent post
, link.

I'm glad that the votes are in and everyone is warming up to the idea of the new banner.
One comment in particular that I would like to highlight is from Kate @ art vein vessel:

I'm assuming the old banner (which I also love) is of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where you live. So it's interesting that your new banner has a globe, which hints at a broader scope and perhaps represents the direction in which you want to wander."

Now that's an astute observation.....
I'd have to say that it was my subconscious adding it's two cents.
However unintentional it may or may not have been, it definitely holds truth.
I have gotten a lot more comfortable with the idea of going to the places I have always dreamed of seeing.
My list gets longer and longer....
For now we'll stick with road trips eh?


  1. I love your very ZEN like qualities.. very soothing! I just wanted to say that I love how you give the tutorials I think it is wonderful that you are willing to share your time to teach a creative talent! I know I couldn't live without Photoshop or creativity!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Oh and I forgot to add. About traveling.. ironically last night a painted a picture of a young girl traveling that fit very well with your blog. Since I am new I am not 100% sure how to post the picture in the blog but I will put it as my profile picture so you can take a look!

    And where are the places you want to travel???

  3. I still so want to see all these mountains you take pics of... *stares out the window longingly (at traffic)* :D

  4. Lovely words and photo - I need a road trip!

  5. FF: Awe...well, thank you :) I couldn't live without it either!! I saw the picture you did, it is awesome! Thank you for the visit, hope to see you again soon :o)

    prin: More mountains coming soon!

    please sir: You and me both.....

  6. Great Photo! I like the flower against the sky and the poem, nice work. Happy SWF!

  7. larry: Thank you!

    FG: I agree, thanks for your visit!

  8. burst of happiness
    delivered through sunflower
    blue sky beckoning...

  9. That's a wonderful sunflower against the blue sky. Gorgeous.

  10. great SWF nice pic have good weekend

  11. Beautiful. I love sunflowers.

  12. Very beautiful image. Great composition and color contrasts! Well done!
    Cheers, Klaus
    P.S.: Uh - almost forgot, please let your readers know, that it is a Skywatch post? Pretty please?
    (Yeah, yeah - rules - but we only got 2 1/2 of them - and you got almost a billion visitors through it.
    Ok - 3 or 4 - but that ain't bad either
    ;) )

  13. Your blog world is so beautiful! And love the vibrancy of your sunflowers!