Six Down......

"{366} Photographic Journal"

In one short month I have been through so many different phases. Some of those moments I would be on top of the world, and others, well, I was stuck in a rut. This constant flux of balance and imbalance is something I have learned to deal with. Especially since my physical state plays an enormous part in how I am able to handle these ups and downs. Pain is very humbling.

When I look back over the course of a mere months time, I am reminded of the tiny tidbits - good and bad - that have escaped my mind. I have these souvenirs of astounding beauty I have beheld, and a record of the goals I/we have accomplished, some of which may have seemed insignificant at the point in time they took place.

This project of taking a photograph everyday for an entire year has worked wonders for how I see with my eyes, mind, and heart. My goal of turning nothing into something never ceases to surprise me. Before me is proof that practice makes 'perfect', all the while emphasizing the fact that I have so much more to learn, and a long way to go! I'm also beginning to recognize a path that is undeniably mine to follow laying right beneath my feet. I have never been more sure or passionate about anything in my life. However refreshing that revelation may be, it still scares the tar out of me.

Bring on the ADVENTURE!!

{366} June

1. Glen Burney Falls, 2. Columbine, 3. New Table #155, 4. Coastal Redwood #156, 5. Blackberry Blossom, 6. Painting in Progress, 7. All Done!, 8. Spilt Cherries, 9. I forgot #2, 10. Someone Else's Turn, 11. I forgot #3, 12. Wild Prarie Rose, 13. I sold my first print!, 14. Flea Market Find, 15. Kabobs, 16. Prairie Rose Posterior, 17. Concrete Texture, 18. Blush Blossoms, 19. L A N G U I S H, 20. S U C C U M B, 21. Untitled, 22. European Columbine, 23. TtV Magnets, 24. Finished Magnet, 25. My Nightstand, 26. Ely's Favorite Spot, 27. Handcrafted Frames by Cody, 28. Obstacle in my Way, 29. Sunny Side, 30. The Winners
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~My Favorites from JUNE~

153. Glen Burney Falls
Glen Burney Falls

160. Spilt Cherries
Spilt Cherries

165. I sold my first print!
I sold my first print!

168. Prairie Rose Posterior
Prairie Rose Posterior

171. L A N G U I S H

172. S U C C U M B

173. Another Word for Dying.....

181. Sunny Side
Sunny Side

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{366} Photographic Journal



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  2. Shots are amazing as always, congrats on selling a print!

  3. Fantastic news selling your print...they are wonderful!

    I always like to see Ely appearing here and there in your monthly photo collage...he is beautiful.

  4. Practice makes perfect – it certainly does. You take such lovely photos and you should think of the lulls you have as a rejuvenation period and launching pad for your next inspiration. You have no need to fear that you can not come back from these lulls you think you have. You have proven yourself and your work constantly gets better and better. Be proud of what you do as I am sure all your readers like me get much enjoyment from looking at your photos.

  5. Congratulations on selling your first print! That is awesome. I guess we all are on a journey of sorts. Every day is a new adventure. But I think that is the best way to live life.

  6. My fave is the cherries one... it's so different! reeeeer! now you make me all hungry :-)

  7. I always love your best picks. I admire you for riding out the good and the bad, it isn't always easy - but you always seem to have the right attitude.

    happy fourth : )

  8. I prefer the lusty cherries
    fantastic play with the light!

    happy 4th

  9. Beautifully expressed. If I'm not wrong it looks as if Wonder Collides is your first sale. No surprise! That cherry shot still makes me think of the movie, Girl with a Pearl Earring.

  10. I told you, you were a pro sold your fist print.don't forget me when you are famous or made your first million.

  11. Awesome work! I love what you did this month. :D

  12. Your photos are just stunning- you have such a gift for capturing the magic in everything