Golden Insight

Golden Insight
Haiku Friday

Lovely morning light
casts an incandescent glow
I am filled with warmth

I really enjoy having a bathroom window to peer outside
when the morning light is at it's best.
This particular morning was like no other.
The morning light filtered through the trees
captivating every bone, and molecule in my body.
I rushed outside to record the splendor,
and watched it fade as the sun continued to rise.
I wish that's how I could start everyday......

How do you like to start your mornings? Comment in haiku form if you'd like :)

If you're interested, there's another shot over on my {366} blog. Link


  1. my morning? if i had a choice i would always be near the water, at the cottage or on a beach. quietly. with a coffee, of course. good for you, being so determined with your photography. your work is lovely.

  2. WOW - that image is amazing...the light, the composition - one of my favs for sure!

  3. well I'll try!

    candles in the dark
    cold wet dog's nose in my lap
    watching day light come

  4. hmmm ..

    soft light slips inside
    stretching cat-like under sheets
    puppy half-asleep

  5. Oh my goodness, that is just gorgeous! Love your haiku, too. :)

  6. awakened each morn
    many loud tropical birds
    outside my window

  7. Very beautiful post. I love your morning light streaming through the pines. And I love any morning outside when I have no where to go but my garden! Roxannne

  8. have captured that light beautifully. I'm not really a morning person but on the occasions when I do arise early, I appreciate the quietness.

    dew laden grass blades
    wet tentative padding feet
    damp tranquility

  9. Wow, just beautiful. I really love the haiku and the picture, too. So peaceful.

  10. Oh my! I sooooooooo love this and so feel a connection to the early morning light feeling. Beautiful artistry!

  11. wish i had a bathroom window were i could just sit, and see views like that....have a great fri

  12. Sun? You have sun in the morning? and GREEN?

    Girl, you lucky lucky girl... I get truck farts, screaming cars and gray pollution dampened by endless damp mist and rain.

    The pits.

    Wanna trade? :-D

  13. A hot cup of coffee and prayer time with my best friend over the phone before we start our busy day.

  14. Forgive me for not responding in haiku. I love to creep downstairs in the mornings before anybody has woken up and go and sit in the garden with my cats and listen to the birds and watch the sky awaken

  15. Jessica, you are coming along in leaps and bounds. What a joy you are!

    See, I am still here, but rather dim about photoshop etc so I have been keeping quiet...

    My mornings are like Mr Gump's box of chocolate :o)

  16. Great photo - love the new header!