Handmade Book

TN Book Cover

Here is the cover I made for a 4 x 6 mini-book.
I scanned in our Smoky Mountain map for the background, and added the text in photoshop.

I have wanted to do a little scrapbook of our trip to Tennessee,
and finally found this quick and easy tutorial on how to do so using very basic supplies.

For weeks I have been scouring the internet in search of an easy way to bind my own books.
I have found some decent tutorials, but I wasn't ready to devote the time required.
Until I found this tutorial, it's not new, I saw it a while ago.....
but I forgot about it.

Handmade Book

I don't really do scrapbook pages,
so I thought that this would be perfect to put all of our trip details,
photos, & other misc. paraphernalia I tend to pick up when I'm away from home.
I'm still working on the inside pages at the moment, but when it's done,
I'll probably share it with you.

What do you usually do with your trip/vacation memorabilia?


  1. now that I've gone all digital, nothing. I save them for a while, until I've captured all the pertinent details, then I eventually toss everything.

    however, I did a photo book from a backpacking trip around Europe when I was in my film era, LOL. I added things like ticket stubs, etc. into the book as well. That worked nicely, and I do enjoy looking back on them.

  2. I kept a journal on my second trip to Italy, water colour sketches, pressed flowers, the whole bag. I found it underneath my bed in an old box just a few days ago and the entire trip, which I took over ten years ago, just breathed right back at me. I was so glad I had made it!

  3. stop talking get on with it?????

  4. All our memories are in boxes under our bed, not nearly as pretty as your lovely book!

  5. So lovely - what a special touch - really great look too!

  6. Wow, that is a really cool idea! Sadly, mine live on the computer being their digital little memories. Some make it out to my blog if they are lucky enough. ;)

  7. Love your photo of all your supplies waiting to get busy! Looking forward to seeing your finished book.

    My trip collections usually get put in a box and are shoved in a dark closet or drawer somewhere. Except if they include some natural objects like stones or seed pods. Then, I find a lovely home for them. And now that I take so may digital photos, they remain (unpruned)on my computer.

  8. I really like the cover, it looks like you could buy it in Hallmark.

  9. now see

    that looked like so much fun

    i ACTUALLY went over
    to the blog link
    watched the video.


    very cool and easy to follow.

    {{ i know
    you are thinking i don't have enough to do
    but really
    i have been wanting to try this.
    we will see }}

  10. Hello,

    Thanks for stopping by for a virtual visit, and thanks for the encouragement as well. :P

    To answer your question of what I do after a vacation or get-away, my children would shout it out: "Mom blogs about it!" tee hee :P

  11. Like you, I love to use maps in my travel books and have made a variety of different styles - hope to post them on my blog someday! I also do some traditional scrapbooking...but most of our trips are still waiting to be documented and recorded, words with photos!

  12. Mine generally end up in a box. For that reason, I keep little but memories, and stuff I write in notebooks, though that also tends to end up in a box.

  13. I download all my pictures.. then male a movie then.post them to my blog and burn a copy and send it to everyone who would like it....

  14. I used to save vacation memorabilia to make scrapbooks with, but never did. Now I just take digital photos and make online albums. Not quite as exciting, but at least I actually do it!

  15. Great idea! Seeing the ModgePodge stuff made me want to find something to make...

    I do my best not to loose the stuff. With the girls, I keep a Moleskin with good paper & journal & print small photos.

  16. I missed this post somehow. What a cute little memory book! What a great idea!