Weekend Snippet

Brock Butler of Perpetual Groove

This is a shot from the first annual "Music on the Mountain" festival.
It was an all-day event that had us exhausted by the days end.
We have spent the entire day recuperating!

I want to share more photos from the event with you,
but for now, here's my favorite from the bunch.
I really lucked out here because taking photos while in the crowd was no easy feat.
I got elbowed, bumped into, and mowed over by Deviled Eggs, AND a dude with a bear hat!
Yeah, I know.....What?!....don't ask!

Anyhow, we enjoyed ourselves immensely,
and will be looking forward to the second annual "Music on the Mountain" festival.

I hope you all have had a terrific weekend!

Here is a live recording of "Perpetual Groove" from Saturday.
Have a listen if you are so inclined.


  1. Ok spill the beans!! How did you get such a fab shot!

    Gorgeous. Truly..

  2. Yes I want to know too, did you work with selected shutter speed or aperture or did you do this totally manually?. I just can’t seem to get shutter speed right in these conditions so if you wish to share any tips my way that would be appreciated. Given the opportunity I would like to try more of this type of photography where shutter speed is more important.
    I love the pink and yellow lights that lead your eyes down to the man.

  3. I usually stick with choosing my settings manually. It isn't very often that I use the priority modes.
    I had problems with the shutter speed, especially since I couldn't use a tripod.

    The Details:
    Exposure: 0.02 sec (1/50)
    Aperture: f/3.6
    Focal Length: 31.3 mm
    ISO: 200

    During an event or show like that, you have very little time to look at what you are getting.....I just kept taking photos when a really cool lighting sequence would start and hoped for the best!

  4. what a little gem no a big gem hope you have more photos of the same.

  5. Cool, You are my photo hero. It gives me something to shoot for, no punn intended.

  6. Awesome shot! It's good that you managed to get your shutter speed that high.

    *high five*

  7. That sounds like so much fun and I love the photograph. It would make a good album cover.

  8. Wow--beautiful shot. I loved that you included the music, too, b/c I haven't heard of this band

  9. we did an eleven day festival at the beginning of july, ottawa bluesfest, it was a killer. this weekend we did a one day reggae music festival. so much fun.

  10. That is a beautiful photo!!

    I am in awe.

  11. Wow!! I think you did well to hand hold your camera at thoses settings.
    Thanks for the info I will take it on board next time I get the opportunity to shot in this tpe of light.

  12. So Beautiful! I don't have the slightest idea what the details mean behind the capturing of this stunning photo. Being clueless this way keeps the magic alive. And this one is magic!

    (I'm glad you got well so you could enjoy the festival.)

  13. Wow, every time I visit here I am a little more in awe of you!

  14. Wow - this is really an amazing shot! Thanks for your living comment - glad to hear you are loving the mountain air!

  15. that is amazing and I am glad you went for it...

  16. i love how this turned out!

  17. Excellent shot! Rolling Stone here you come!