Music on the Mountain Festival Boone, NC

Normally, I am not one for festivals, but Music on the Mountain was different.
For starters, it was just a one-day event instead of the usual two or three day events which have become so popular.
Valley Overview

It took place at the old fairgrounds here in Boone, NC, and they started it with the intention of raising awareness on ecological issues that directly affect our environment. (I have a specific organization in mind that I want to talk about more this week, so be sure to check back.)

Where's the Crowd?
Something I didn't expect was a different stage. Last summer, we went to the App Roots Festival in the same locale, but they used an old wooden stage. This time, they were set-up with a state-of-the-art solar-powered sound and light system built specifically for outdoor concerts. It pumped some roaring sustainable sound waves!

The other stage wasn't anywhere near as fancy, but it kept us equally entertained. I really liked that once one band was done playing, the other stage was ready to keep the crowd stirring.
Roast Corn
The only disappointing aspect of this festival was the lack of food variety! We came ready to consume, but alas, they had minimal options that were only slightly appealing. I mean, we still had to eat, but it just wasn't as much. We particularly fancied the 'roasted corn'. I was intrigued when I saw folks walking around with an entire ear of corn that still had the husks in tact. So, naturally, we had to try it out for ourselves.
Ravenous "Man Eating Corn"
By two or three o'clock the buzz began to hum a little louder in the valley. One band that is internationally known (not really, but kind of) for getting people out of their seats, is 'Your Momma's Big Fat Booty Band'. Hey, don't tell me, I didn't name them! The handful of bands that played before 'YMBFBB' took the stage didn't attract very many people to the 'dance floor'.
Solar-Powered Stage
It was a sad sight (see above photo), but I suppose you have to loosen people up first! As usual, 'YMBFBB' did a great job of getting the party started. They can be a rather raunchy bunch, but for the sake of the family feel that this event had, I guess they decided to keep it clean.
You Momma's Big Fat Booty Band Entourage
The real commotion was created by the national acts the festival brought. Aside from Perpetual Groove - which I told you about in the last post, they delivered Jerry Douglas, and Sam Bush. As the night progressed, the makeshift 'dance floor' never emptied. I even got up and bounced around myself from time to time.
From a Far

Watching the day fade into night while nestled in the valley was magical.

Second Stage

The colors of the sky and the wispy clouds made for a lovely transition into darkness.

Into the Night
My favorite part of the entire night was when Perpetual Groove went on stage.
By this point, I realized that if I wanted to get better shots, I had to get closer.
Brock Butler of Perpetual Groove

Brock Butler, P-Grooves front man, was the only one I could manage to get clearly.
After doing a little digging on the band, I found out that their most recent album
was produced with renewable energy, and is also being released by a
'green' label called Tree Leaf Music. Taking it one step further, they even purchase energy credit to offset the emissions their tour bus generates while touring!
Let's hope that their environmental initiatives cause others to follow suit.

Lonely Mic
Sometime after midnight, the show was over. It really was a great day. I like that I felt out of my element, it's good to mix it up a bit. However, I do know that we will be eagerly awaiting the second annual "Music on the Mountain" festival in Boone.
And then, summer was over......


  1. oh - roasted corn on the cob is fantastic. Our family used to hit the WI state fair every year and I'd be so excited for that ear of corn, roasted on the grill, dripping with butter. *drools*

  2. Excellent post, and I like the way that describe the event. Photos are also beautiful - Your personal experience is all still the most important. I want you all the best!

  3. I agree with Elizabeth and Steven but I just have to ask that’s not you in the dance floor shot flashing your nickers is it?? Sorry, trust me to notice something like that.
    Looks like it was a great fun, pity about the variety of food.

  4. Awesome pictures, and I would love to walk around eating corn!

  5. I enjoyed this post. I may have mentioned before that my mother was from Boone and I still have a lot of family there. On another topic, I've liked Sam Bush ever since the 1970s when he was in the Newgrass Revival. It's been nice to see him through the years with Emmy Lou Harris and so many others as well as performing as a solo act. I haven't seen him live in ages. Which I could have been there.

  6. Liss: hahaha, No that's not me, it was a girl walking around in her bathing suit bottoms!

  7. I love that area of NC. I will have to check the festival out next year. Great shots.

  8. I love music festivals.

    SO much more than I love scalpel festivals...which recently happened on my RIB.

  9. Oh my goodness...looks like a really great time and good music!

  10. Glad to see you had a good time, nice photos, the corn really looks good.

  11. Aw. I love this post. Kind of bittersweet.

  12. I love the picture of the corn - and the eating of the corn! Your photography seems to be getting better by the day. Such fun pictures.

  13. Great photographs and descriptions! Felt like I was there!

  14. mm Love the photo's~~~ esp that ear of corn. LOL funny how certain pics jump OUT at us!!

  15. "and then, the summer was over..."

    I am right there with you, listening to the last song, soaking up the last ray of sun.


  16. LOVE the photo of the man just going at that corn on the cob. Love it.

  17. Looks like an amazing day! i love your evening and sky shots the best! Roxanne

  18. it was the most fun I have ever had in my life!!! 2nd annual Music on the Mountaintop 8/29/09 and it will be amazing!!!!