Keep on keepin' on.......

I'm still in an odd mood.
Technodoll really hit the nail on the head with her humorous assessment
sparked by my most recent haiku post, discussing my 'feelings'.
I already knew what my deal was by that point,
but saying it myself or printing it rather,
makes it too real...

The rain came back today,
which is a shame, especially since it's forecast to be here all-week-long!
What makes it worse is the fact that we didn't do anything exciting this past weekend
when we had the chance. We got too comfortable with sitting around.
I did , however, take Sian's advice, and embarked upon a pursuit to tickle my funny bone.
We went to see Tropic Thunder.
It wasn't laugh until I cry funny, but it was comical.

I can tell when I'm in a mood because my google reader starts to overflow.
Don't get me wrong, I love my up-to-the-minute details on new posts,
but when I'm in a "mood" it becomes overwhelming to see that many unread posts!
I'm almost ashamed to say how many blogs I follow........
I wonder how much you can tell about a person by looking at their feed reader?!

I really am all over the place right now, can you tell?!
Today, I have been reminiscent of our time spent along Big Sur's beautiful coast.
Lydia just recently returned from a wonderful little getaway that reminded me of my adventure.
I suppose that I will always think of Big Sur anytime I see an image with mountainous
cliffs and rolling waves.

Evening Coast

Camping just a stone's throw from the ocean
with the smell of the Pacific coast's salty sea air following me around.....ahhh.

What I would give to be there right now......


  1. what a gorgeous photo. I wish you could be there now too, but hopefully the photos help transport you there. :-)

    sometimes I think I would stay more on top of blogs if I used something like Google Reader; my folders of bookmarks is growing rather unwieldy

  2. A perfect photo. I think you held this one out, as I don't remember it from prior posts? Loved it.

    I started a Google Reader thingie, but it confused me -- maybe for the reasons you mentioned. Plus, I just missed looking at the real blogs that I enjoy. My bookmarks were getting out of hand, so I split them up into categories, and it's helped:
    Blogs-Best, Blogs-Writing, Blogs-Good, Blogs-election, Blogs-blogcatalog

    Sorry about the rain, but you'll probably turn it into something creative...

  3. oh my what a photo. What I'd give to be there right now too...

  4. I have never been to Big Sur but your photo brought me there in an instant ~ blessings to you this day

  5. elizabeth: The photos do help. I love using Google Reader, maybe I'll do a post about it to help others ease into the transition?!

    lydia: You're right, it's not one I have shared before. I still have lots more too - if you can believe that.

    I like looking at the blogs too, but the reader saves time for me. You don't have to go to each induvidual blog to see if there is a new post. The reader alerts you.

    renee: It's a beautiful place.

    elk: You must go someday, it is an amazing area. I loved my time spent there.

  6. What a beautiful shot. I also loved your August picks. You have a beautiful blog. I know what you mean about the whole blog issue. I have many in bloglines and can't always do more than glance at titles or photos there. I've decided not to ever let it stress me out. For me blogging is a way to reduce stress and I do enjoy visiting other blogs. That said, when I'm busy I can't visit as much. I do a lot of photo memes and they are fun but sometimes I can't visit as many as I want to but I figure everyone has that situation so I try not to worry about it.

  7. The salty air
    will perserve
    Pacific beauty
    till your return.

  8. Pretty. :)

    I don't use google reader. I just hit randomly until I get a new post. I'm old fashioned that way. :D

  9. I would love to be in your picture too! How pretty! I think we all go through moods. I've learned to just give into the mood and don't fight it. Just live in it for a while then when it's time to snap out of it, it's all that much sweeter.

  10. Would it be ethical to borrow this most eyegasmic photo for my work PC background? Pretty please :-)

    Damn those hormones. Last night I had a bowl of spicy cheese popcorn and a chocolate bar for dinner. Mleh.

    It does pass, though :-)

  11. Beautiful photo! The Pacific Coastline in Northern California... Carmel, Big Sur, Monterey, etc is GORGEOUS! I hope you get there soon!

  12. Spectacular photo! Hope you feel better soon.