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How it came to be.....
haiku friday & one single impression

It just so happens
don't know how I could forget
I don't mind the rain

I know that you've only been shown those itty bitty snippets of the trip,
but I can't be sorry, because I'm getting stuff done.
I'm finally gaining momentum now, which I'm absolutely thrilled about!
I've checked so many items off my list today.
And sadly, it prevented me from getting through any Atlanta photos.
This weekend I'm hoping to pull myself together completely and get back on the ball.
I have even heard that this dreadful weather we've been experiencing
is going to vanish in time for the weekend.
I'm ecstatic, but I'll keep my fingers crossed just in case.

  • The above photo was taken during a rainy day walk a few weekends ago.
  • Right after this shot, Cody splashed the puddle. I told him to. But I didn't like that photo.
  • I almost forgot how fun it was to splash in puddles.
  • Rain doesn't always get me down.
  • The prompt for this weeks haiku was Serendipity.


  1. I'm glad you're making lots of progress on your to-do list! These are great teasers; I can't wait until you have time to show us more of your trip.

  2. I don't mind the rain either, though I often complain about it. :) (because, let's be honest, it rains A LOT here)
    This image is EXCEPTIONAL!
    Think about submitting it to publish on the photo blog?

  3. the photo is breathtaking! just beautiful!!!!

  4. I know the feeling--and feel the same way. God bless.

  5. This is divine.
    Rain is good… we can never complain about rain here.
    It sounds like you are being very productive; please give me some of your energy. I am focused on my garden at the moment and just want to get it in order for summer, stain my deck so we can have BBQ’s out on it and stop all the weeds from growing. In this process everything else seems to be getting neglected.

  6. I like both the photo and your poem. It does seem that some of the best shots come in rain, fog, and snow, doesn't it?
    Hey, I still like to splash once in a while!

  7. poem is so true ~ LOVE rain ~yes for puddle jumping

    the photo is a joy to see thanks for this beauty so early today!

  8. We all complain about the rain, but there are some days when it just feels right for it to rain. Your photo is beautiful, always enjoy your photography!

  9. I had to actually make a real list in order to get things done. I tried to use a mental list but obvously my mental isn't as good as it once was. I too am getting things done now. Finally.

    I love the rain as long as it isn't really cold.

  10. What a gorgeous photo!
    You've gotta love the little things.

    I don't mind the rain, but our forecast calls for the possibility of snow... now that's just wrong!

  11. It's so dry here, I really miss rain. So glad you're getting stuff done--it's such a great feeling.

  12. "I don't mind the rain" ... that line reminds me of the Beatles' song "Rain":

    When the sun shines, they slip into the shade,
    And sip their lemonade.
    When the sun shines.
    When the sun shines.

    Rain, I don't mind.
    Shine, the weather's fine.

    I can show you that when it starts to rain,
    Everything's the same.
    I can show you.
    I can show you.

    Rain, I don't mind.
    Shine, the weather's fine.

    Can you hear me, that when it rains and shines,
    It's just a state of mind?
    Can you hear me?
    Can you hear me?
    I love how the photo captures the veins of the leaf and the rings of the "splash". Sharp shot!

  13. Glad to hear that you are getting some momentum! Congrats on your Christmas Cards too... Your images are crazy-fantastic! (i'll work on my vocabulary). Have a great weekend & it's never to late to become a ballerina!

  14. Beautiful image and delightful haiku today! I love how you combine OSI & HF and am reminded how I used to do the same thing before I fell behind several weeks ago. It must feel good to be ‘catching up’ and feeling better about things. Good for you ;--)

    I’ve published on both blogs this morning – SkyWatch/Haiku Friday at Sacred Ruminations and another HF post (in which I ‘reflect’ upon my upcoming Blogoversary) at Small Reflections containing a ‘Fall Thank You’ for all … just because.
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. sush a beautiful photograph, it is so peaceful how i want to fell..thank you.

  16. this photo is simply amazing - awe-inspiring.

    i love the rain too although i haven't splashed in a puddle in years. maybe i'll do that next rainfall.

  17. Awesome pic. I love the detail and the rings.

    Rain is amazing sometimes. Fall rain reminds me how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, dry clothes and a fluffy blanket to wrap myself into.

  18. thanks for leaving comments my way - i don't have photoshop (i have gimp), but i'd love to try and figure out how to add texture in.

    love the processing on this shot, and the ripples in the puddle. good stuff.

  19. You never cease to amaze me Jessica :o))

  20. Ohhh I love your photo. I wonder how you got the awesome tone in it. I just saved your photo journel to my blog list too. Your pictures inspire me!

  21. Love the photo, love the haiku. I like rain most days and if it is only for a day or two. I don't do so well on the third or fouth day.

    Glad you are getting things caught up. Try to enjoy the weekend.

  22. I love the rain and no, we don't get a whole lot. The leaf face down on the puddle makes this photo - I really like it.

  23. Toooo much rain in Belgium. That photo is beautiful in it's simplicity though.

  24. What a beautiful photograph. Leaves and puddles can say so much, like the few words of a haiku, and you have accomplished all of this, beautifully done!

  25. Love fall. Love the rain. Great photo to a appreciate it with.

  26. That is one of the best photos you've ever taken, IMO.

    It's simple, and it just WORKS!

    Girl you gots the talent oozing from your pores :-)

  27. i'm with technodoll...perhaps your best that i have seen...but then i am partial to rain walks :) truly beautiful work!

  28. a poem by Blogger “thalassa”
    speak to me memory the language of seagulls
    behind the hills behind the sweating sight
    beds of sand tatooed by sudden wind
    curved and open crevices particles of the skin of earth
    with snake linear language
    where the path into the cliff blue turns white foaming
    air seeped through the stones ethereal as moans of this dry land
    disconnected lay dormant following the wind of others
    elevated lyrical images
    of islands in high sea half to light half to gray _darkness
    strains of memories
    wave rolling wave to become equal in motion... in distance
    into my mind to capture the essence
    aqua choreography
    the barren chest of isles producing depth not seen
    by my sweeping cantos of self unity
    sounds magical lured by the cardiac tunes
    murmuring the language of skin and love songs

    speak to me
    speak to me memory,
    the language of seagulls

    have a wonderfullllll week!
    Demetrios the Traveller

  29. that was a stunning shot. I loved it.

  30. This is just wonderful! Love the photo and the poem.

  31. I beyond love this!!

  32. I love rain so much. It has to be the most romantic of all the weathers. Whether it is spending time with a loved one walking over the hills, wandering through a forest, or sat snuggled up by a roaring fireplace listening to the pitter patter on the window pane. I adore your leaf photograph, it perfectly incapusulates all the things that are wonderful about rain. A truly post post :)

  33. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful! I absolutely love this. I love the capture of the delicate raindrops falling in the background. Too often in life, these are the lovely little moments that pass without any notice taken. Grace falling down.

  34. This is lovely. Happy belated birthday!