Share the Love Giveaway Winners

Winter Wonderland Greeting Card

I think next time I'll wise up and we'll use mister linky! What do you think?
However, it really gave me an excuse to visit each and every one of your blogs myself.
And I thoroughly enjoyed the little journey I embarked upon
while skipping from page to page.
As if I didn't already know, but
you are a talented bunch.

It was so heartwarming to read all of the friendly declarations you
left in the comment section of the initial post.
I tried to let the nominees know that they
were nominated, but time didn't allow
for me to leave a comment with everybody.

WW-Share the Love Button

I know that some of you found it hard to nominate just one blogger,
and that is very understandable, but I'm glad you did.
You'll have an opportunity to nominate someone
new. Promise.

Without further ado, the WINNERS:

Cathy @ The Clothesline
Liss @ A Memory Forever
Honey Mommy

I couldn't have picked a more deserving trio,
these three are definitely amongst my favorites.
I swear I drew names out of a hat!!

Below, you will find links to all of the nominees,
as well as, the people who nominated them.
Some of my most favorite bloggers are sprinkled
throughout that list, and some I have yet to get to know-but hope to.
I encourage you to visit someone new today, you may be pleasantly surprised!?

Toni & Amy nominated Elizabeth @ Retinal Perspectives
Liss nominated Kerri @ Little Kiwi's Photography + one for Liss' blog post.
Jeanine nominated Hel @ Truth Cycles
Amanda nominated Melissa @ Adventures of a (Geek) Mom
Cathy nominated MaryAnn Ashley Bever Photography
MaryAnn & Keri nominated Liss @ A Memory Forever
Maya nominated Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville
J.H. nominated Julia @ A God-Blessed Box
Carolyn nominated Mary @ Mary's Views
Jamie nominated Stacy @ The Land of K.A.
Elizabeth nominated Amy @ Chips of No Chips
Leslye & Technodoll nominated Elk @ Red or Gray
Kyla nominated Monica @ Without Filters
Pod nominated Jules Stones' Blog
Lemon Dingo nominated Shalet @ Peculiar Momma
Sian nominated Pippa's Arty Life
Elk nominated Shelli Pabis Photography
Shalet nominated Bridge @ Ride the Waves of Life
Lan nominated Michelle @ Greeting Arts
Prin nominated Marissa @ Dawes in New Zealand
Kathleen nominated Cathy @ The Clothesline
Jo nominated Mansuetude @ Tumblewords
Pippa nominated Vix @ Going Nowhere Fast
Shelli nominated Maya @ Springtree Road
Stacy nominated Melody @ Slurping Life
Mel nominated Honey Mommy
Renee nominated Casey @ Green Mamma of Three
Stardust nominated BP @ Back to Basics

The next "Share the Love Giveaway"
will be announced whenever
I feel like it :o)

Stay tuned.....

If you are interested in purchasing
a set of these greeting cards I have
a listing up in my etsy 'shop'.
- Set of 6
- Set of 12


  1. Hurray... that was so fun... I'm glad I peeked before bed.

    Thanks for your positive, sweet & inspirationalism... (oaky maybe not a real word, but I think you get my drift).

  2. Ok, that's some fun. Thanks for hosting this =)

  3. Yey!! I so love your spirit. :)

  4. the card ~how beautiful WW and I am so glad you listed them all ...when I get home today from work I will visit! congrats everyone

  5. I am looking forward to more give aways and your always amazing photography!!

  6. Oh goodie you know what this means!!

    I've just arrived home today so I will email soon.

  7. congratulations to the winners!

  8. They are pretty but I don't send many cards these days. Great give away though.

  9. Thank you for all those new links, I shall have fun reading through them!x

  10. yay! congrats to the winners!

    I'm really glad that Liss was one because she just asked about white Christmas photos on my blog. :)

  11. Well you need a luckier hat, since I didn't win! LOL!

    Just kidding... congrats to the winners, those are some very beautiful gifts! :-D

  12. What an amazing photo! Love it! And congrats to the winners!

  13. WAHOO! I am so excited!

    I kept checking back on Tuesday to see if you posted the winners... then I got distracted and didn't make it back to your blog until today!!!

    You just made my day! I am going to go tell Mel thanks too!

  14. Beautiful notecard, love the way you displayed it!