Dancing with the Daffodils

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Dancing with the Daffodils

~Daffodils Brings the Spring~

We all love the daffodils,
We place upon our window sills.
We like how their pretty faces,
Brighten up our living spaces.

Is it Spring or Winter still?
Look upon the nearby hill.
Spring is here with tweet and trill,
If there blooms the daffodil.

If you do not find it there,
You have no need to despair.
Try as gloomy Winter will,
It can’t hold back the daffodil.

Dark green blades and bright faces,
It will bloom in all places.
You might as well give it room
The daffodil intends to bloom.

By: Linda Burns

I spent very little time "Dancing with the Daffodils" this weekend. I did, however, spent much of my time working on PACT's monthly newsletter. I was also attempting to learn how to do an html email, but after a few hours, I gave that up. Deciding that a pdf file would be just as good, I was able to finally get somewhere with the design. So far, I am pretty happy with what I have come up with. Once finished, I will share it with you--one more page to do. This is my very first newsletter, I hope that with time, I get better at laying them out. A few weeks ago, I signed up to be PACT's communication and media chair, so I will have more chances to streamline the process.

Surely, you had a more exciting weekend than I did. What did you get into?


  1. I did the DIRT dance... the garden is open here! ...your yellow friends are so lovely

  2. you and elk are so lucky, we had snow.

  3. Lovely daffodils! My weekend was fun, went out to breakfast then toured an rv dealer lot. I'm considering upgrading my camper in a year or so,... this was just a "research" visit.

  4. Weekend was good, went to the Columbus Auto Show, took the motorcycle out! There are lots of things starting to bloom around here, lovely photo as always :)

  5. we had Ethan and James birthday party on Saturday, which was good. Yesterday I managed to go on a walk in the 75 degree weather!

  6. I planted flowers, lunched with the family and enjoyed just living....

    love those daffodils

  7. Daffodils are so happy & great to see.

    I engaged in some SERIOUS spring cleaning & DE-cluttering!

    Looking forward to the newsletter.

  8. Here in Wales we have Daff's everywhere along the roadsides,being the national flower of Wales. what is the flower of North Carolina?

  9. Pod: Thanks for that question. I didn't know, so I had to look it up.


  10. Beautiful!

    Another thing I miss from Michigan.

    (shutter sisters)

  11. Very pretty. :) I'm glad your weekend was calmly replenishing. :D

    Mine too. :D

  12. Maybe your weekend wasn't thrilling but you have awesome pics to show for it!!

    We fought the "man cold", slept, didn't do much at all... am now single for the week, AGAIN. crap!

  13. i'm new in this gardening business. My african daisies just look so limp a day after when I brot them home fr the market. Sigh.

  14. I have no daffodils, so I bought a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store. My weekend was spent revamping my website (not my blog). Kinda boring, really. =)

  15. Over the weekend I spent some time in our yard with the daffodils and crocus and loved every minute of it.
    I'm SO glad you gave the link to your previous post on PACT because I'd missed that one. I'm so impressed with all the bluebird houses you built that day. I've never seen a bluebird, although people have houses out in the country to attract them. The birdhouses in our yard are for chickadees, sparrows, swallows, and bluejays.
    It's very cool that you're doing the newsletter. Your involvement with this group is inspiring.

  16. I can't wait until these start popping up here.

  17. I love the photo and the title. They DO seems to be dancing.
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. You have an outstanding blog. I am adding it to my favorites.

  19. Awww, that's awsome. I am waiting for few major daffodil fields to bloom 100%, now it is still sort of 40-50%, so it's not as nice yet.