Taking the Leap


Well, I did it!

And, truthfully, it wasn't that bad. I practiced with Cody what I had planned
to say, but in the end, I really didn't use the entire 'speech'. Before the meeting I
received so many reassurances about my public speaking concerns because I
couldn't help but share my anxieties. Talking about it helped me overcome my
worry, and the support was more than I could ask for. I can't say that I felt
completely at ease, but I held my composure fairly well. It feels great to say
that I actually faced this crippling fear, and as a result, I may do it again.
Hopefully, with far less anxiety next time. Someone suggested that I do a
class on Photoshop to help with their newsletters!?!? We'll see.

Thanks again for your encouragement and well wishes!

On Sunday, we did have time to do a little sightseeing.
I hope to have a field trip ready for Friday!!


  1. yeah! i knew you would do well. cute video

  2. Speeches are hard. I'd rather puke.

    Congrats to you!

  3. Your virtual crowd applauds with glee! yey!

  4. Yeah, you! And cheers for that laugh of yours, too.

  5. Yay! That's great. (I got to spend this past weekend in Boone. Did me good)

  6. Congratulations on your achievement. I like that you now have te confidence and are talking about doing it again.

  7. yay - I'm sure you did wonderfully!

    thankfully, I don't mind speaking .. as long as I am comfortable with the topic. :)

  8. Good for you!! awesome photo! :)

  9. Congratulations WW! That video is darling. Way to go! It's awesome to do things that are difficult and come through with sailing colors.

  10. Well done... and congratulation.
    It will be easier experience to do it the second time :-)

  11. Way to GO, girl! And I love the happy video, gives me a smile at 6:30 a.m.!

  12. YEY! Sorry I missed giving you wishes... I'm glad you aced it anyway. :)

  13. i am so happy to hear that the talk went well AND your laughter in this video!

  14. Way to go! I'm terrified of speaking in public.