Wildlife, Wilderness and Waterfalls! Oh, my!

We experienced it all....and then some!
I want nothing more than to tell you the details about our camping trip.
Instead, I need to be a grown up and focus on meeting deadlines this week.
Hopefully, I will sneak in some time and have a field trip ready for Friday!

Until then,
Deer in Big Meadows

Shenandoah National Park was teeming with wildlife.
Deer were the most abundant! And, bold enough to walk straight through our campsite.
O', and how cute the fawns were curled up, basking in a patch of sunlight just behind our tent one morning.

But, after seeing so many (100+), we were like, big whoop. A deer.
Deer Everywhere

However, we did have a few other encounters that were a lot more intriguing!
Stay Tuned.


  1. What a beautiful camp ground and a lovely deer too! :)

  2. It was nice meeting the lovely 'locals' Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures. I'm joining Wordful Wednesday for the first time today and visiting participants' wordful posts. Cheers from Bangkok!

  3. Well, you enchanted me with the deer (always a big whoop, even when they are in our neighborhood!) and intrigued me with your stay tuned comment. Anxious, I am. ;]

  4. gosh, you are such a lucky girl :-) I don't mind a swap!!! :-)

  5. That's a wonderful picture. I've tried so many times to capture something like that with no luck!

  6. Nice capture. We have a lot of deer in our backyard.

  7. I think it's funny that the deers didn't excite you after awhile. This is how I feel about seeing Kangaroos, yet deers are not a common site is the Australian bush so I'd think it was fantastic if I saw one. It's funny what we get use to and see a common can be exotic and exciting to others.

  8. Wow....tho I'm one who will always say roughing it is going to a motel/hotel without a reservation...THIS kinda beauty would make me change my mind quickly!!!

    Happy W W wish to you. Mine's posted, a little bit of art/sculpture...and a bit of franchise history in Coastal Bend Texas today, I hope you can stop by.

  9. The only wildlife I see these days is rats. Want to swap? :D

  10. I know! It was so hard to drive through there at like 4AM with all the deer running into the road. Do they ever sleep?

    Yey for Friday! :D

  11. wow--that first pic is amazing!

  12. lovely...I really like the second one.

  13. Deer are so elegant, I love seeing them

  14. Ha ha! Did you end up calling your man "dear"?


    I'd love to be able to photograph a deer so beautifully - well done!

  15. gorgeous deer shots - beautiful work