Riverside Camping in the Heart of Hot Springs

River Rock

We stitched our way through the borders of North Carolina and Tennessee while weaving and winding along scenic back country roads with endless pastoral views. Abandoned tobacco barns were plentiful in this region. The fields, however, filled with row after row of tobacco plants told a different tale than the facilities lying in disrepair would lead you to believe. I like them, the rundown ruins give the landscape special character. After many more twists, turns and tobacco barns, we finally reached the quaint little town of Hot Springs.

Campsite #407

The first order of business upon arrival was to check in to the Hot Springs campground, which happened to be one of the very first things you come to as you drive in to town, so we didn't get a chance to drive through and check the place out.

Armed with a parking pass and shoddy directions, we set out to find our riverside campsite. It was one of two that were still left when I called the day before! After a few bumps and turns later, we found our site tucked into a cul de sac of sorts. I felt as though we scored a perfect spot since it seemed a little more secluded--privacy is good, real good.

Water's Edge

Upon stepping out of the car, the first thing you notice is the roaring French Broad River just footsteps away. It was a lot wider than I imagined it would be. In my mind, I pictured a babbling brook at our 'backdoor'. Instead, we were welcomed by a rather large expanse of semi-raging rapids (that may be a slight exaggeration)!

Bridge to Hot Springs

A panorama of the bridge we crossed earlier dominated the view as we stood at the water's edge. We were also greeted with friendly waves from the floaters passing by. In a matter of 5 minutes we had seen numerous inner tubes, duckies, and even a canoe or two lazily moving along. It quickly became apparent that water recreation is very popular in this corner of NC. I wanted to go for a lazy float down the French Broad too, but due to time constraints we were forced to save the 5 hour tour for the next time we visit.

French Broad River from Bridge

I wasn't too sad since we had a 7:45pm reservation at the Hot Springs Resort & Spa to soak in a soothing mineral bath! But first, we had to get some grub!

Come back for the next Hot Springs "On-the-Fly Overnight" trip installment when I plan to share the great food we found in this tiny town! Also, a few additional photos can be seen on Facebook. Have a great weekend :D

Hot Springs Resort & Spa
Campground Reservations


  1. oh my gosh, Jess... can I join you! that's sounded like perfect holiday, nature and spa at once!

  2. a place to recharge and unwind ~it looks really nice!

  3. you take us
    to the most soul♥refreshing places


    thank goodness

    {{ and
    do not stop }}

  4. @J.H: We really only got to stay one day, but it was fabulous!

    @elk: Funny you should use the word recharge because I was commenting to Cody while we were there that our excursions aren't so much relaxing as they are recharging!!

    @SPM: Don't worry, I won't :D Thank you.

  5. Look like you have a great spot indeed!

  6. what a beautiful place. Here’s my photo story. happy Friday!

  7. looks like a beautiful place to hike and camp - I love the cairn

  8. What a beautiful spot! My photo story is a camping trip too! Mostly of people, not such beautiful scenery pictures like yours though.


  9. Yep, looks heavenly - what a great campsite, too! Providence, eh?

    I have a rock collection here, gathered over the years from special places traveled... it's like they each have a soul and a story to tell.

  10. I was trying to get my GF's interested in a weekend away but they all piked on me. Then we were going to stay over night in the city and do some city tours but that has been push back too.
    Hopefully we can still have our pamper weekend.

    This looks like a lovely place to camp. I also think spas are the ultimate in pampering.

  11. What a great place to relax, refresh, and recharge physiologicaly, psychologically, and spiritually.

  12. dang i need a camping partner. i miss it so much.

  13. that sounds so fun! i'm so glad we have hot springs here in CO--they are so great.

  14. beautiful ... I really love how you guys do these trips together ...

  15. Lovely photos and scenery. I wish we had these vast wild places in England but we have to make do on a mini scale.

    The Cotswold Hills in England where I live are very pretty but.....


  16. those shots are amazing- and made me wish I were there!!!

    and, I LOVE the look. p.s.

  17. Sounds wonderful.. thanks for bringing us with you. I miss a relaxed camping trip

  18. The perfect getaway! I love those nature shots.

  19. oh how i love hot springs, n.c. we almost bought some property there years ago, but decided on whittier and now cashiers instead. haven't ever been to the spa there, tho. hope it was as enjoyable as these pictures.

  20. nothing beats the woods. just spent a week alone in on our island. survived a tornado...don't ask.

  21. Reminds me of home...

    I grew up in Kentucky, alongside the Tennessee border, and this is the kind of scenery I am used to seeing.

    Since moving to southern Georgia in January, all I've seen is sand and pine trees. I do love living closer to the beach, but I miss the landscape of home.

    Thanks for the pictures!!

  22. This camping area looks so peaceful! Hope you have enjoyed your days there!

  23. Wonderful road trip story and lovely images. Nice!