The Best Way to Recharge & Relax in Hot Springs, NC

Hot Springs Entrance

With no time to spare, Cody and I made a mad dash to reach the Hot Springs Resort and Spa in time for our 7:45 appointment. Once we were all checked in and paid up, we were asked to go out back and find the spa attendant who would most likely be under the welcome pavilion. Several people were walking around toting towels (Dang!? We forgot to bring towels!) and sporting that wet-look. I just tried to appear lost enough to warrant a "May I help you?", not to worry, though, they had us covered. She promptly took our tub ticket and lead the way to our private oasis.

Hot Tub #7

This idyllic setting tucked in the woods was made even more perfect once we realized that our hot mineral bath hut was overlooking the river! Having it all to ourselves felt a little unreal. I stood and marveled for a moment before sinking into the steaming hot pool of relaxation.

View from our Mineral Bath Hut

Good thing it was still daylight when we arrived because I would have hated to miss out on this sensory overload combo. Even though the sounds of the gentle stream could not be heard over the high-powered jets, the view added a dimension that was just as soothing. The effervescent water melted away the tension that perpetually binds my neck and shoulders. Finally, some relief after a long, sore, and painful week.

Hot Tub #7

After a while, you start to notice some of the healing waters other side effects. As you continue to soak, feelings of euphoria wash over your weary body, and you begin to detect traces of intoxication without a drop of alcohol having touched your lips. I absorbed as much as I could before I needed to step out for a few minutes (it gets mighty warm), we did this many times during our 1-hour session of soaking. We even enlisted a nearby hose to assist us with cooling off every once in a while.

On one hand, you didn't want your soothing dip to end, but on the other, you were ready to allow your body temperature to return to normal, but before you can decide, time expires and it's time to get out! Overall, the experience was positively invigorating! I can see why the town of Hot Springs, NC has drawn visitors from all over since the early 1800's.

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~History of Hot Springs, NC
~Hot Springs Resort & Spa
For Reservations Call 828-622-7676


  1. Did you send these pictures to the place you stayed?

    They should pay you for them.
    Because, as always, BEAUTIFUL.

  2. oh, I can feel the jacuzzi from here.... ahhh.... heaven

  3. A mini-vacay from the semi-cubicle this post was.


    (The Yoda in me it brought out. :D)

  4. I was there... not really, need to be there. Wonderful! I've been on many backpacking / snow boarding trips that ended in hot springs.

  5. I was literally THERE thanks to your wonderful description and photos... aaaah. Completely marvelous.

    You've inspired me to go soak in a hot bath full of epsom salts :)

  6. we discovered a very interesting place in nova scotia this week. right up your alley!! dick's island retreat at five islands. each year there is a marathon there in june, the participants run in the bay of fundy, while the tide is out. very intriguing. not that i run.

  7. It sounds so idyllic! It makes me sleepy to think about the relaxation. :)

  8. looks wonderful! i'm so glad we have hot springs in CO--it is so rejuvinating

  9. I'm invigorated just by reading your post.

  10. That sounds AND looks just wonderful! What a beautiful view!
    Just Wow.

  11. Doesn't it feel good. I get massages in a swimming pool... the water just makes them so much better.

  12. aww wow great photos.. thats looks sooo relaxing... I bet it would be nice with a relaxing breeze going ... I will definetly have to try this place out one day.. how in the world do u find all these cool places????!!!