Langhorne Slim Unplugged | Boone, NC

Langhorne Slim Unplugged

It's not often that Boone has the honor of hosting a big name act passing through North Carolina. What's even more rare than attracting popular musicians is an opportunity to see them perform in a more intimate setting with far fewer people than they are used to playing for.

Last week, Langhorne Slim found his way to our town to play his first show in Boone. Apparently, he had never even been to Boone, and I suppose that he decided to make up for such a travesty by not just playing one show, but two. I was well aware that they would be playing a show at Boone Saloon in the evening. However, I didn't know that they were going to be putting on yet another show for the townies to enjoy earlier in the day.

Bobby Bare Jr. @ 641rpm

It was only 4 hours before their afternoon show that I had even heard about it. I wasn't really prepared to drop what I was doing to attend, but I agreed that this was an opportunity that doesn't often appear, so I decided to make an exception and take advantage of it. A bonus, was that the earlier show being held at the 641rpm Record Shop was FREE!! I mean, you can't beat that.

Banjo & Bass Diptych

Because the record shop was a small venue, there were only about 50 people packed into the place. Unlike what we would be seeing later at Boone Saloon, this show was more of an unplugged set, no room for amps or other bulky equipment. I rather enjoyed this pared down version of a concert. The raw emotion in Langhorne's voice and the un-amplified sound of the instruments were a refreshing change from what I'm used to witnessing.

Langhorne Slim Band @ 641rpm

Although that's not to say that I wasn't equally excited about the show that they'd later be playing at Boone Saloon. I enjoyed and appreciated getting this up close and personal preview of what was to come later in the evening.

Langhorne Slim @ Boone Saloon

You'll often hear me complain about how Boone doesn't get any good shows (or at least bands that I want to see) coming through as much as I would like, and I'm glad that—for a change—I was proven otherwise. While at the show I met people who had driven several hours to come see Langhorne. Normally, we're the ones who have to drive long distances to see the big name bands that are passing through NC. I felt extremely lucky to have him come to Boone and not only see him once, but twice in one day.

Me & Langhorne Slim

It's always nice coming into contact with a celebrity of sorts who is humble, friendly, and approachable. Before the shows, I was familiar with Langhorne's music, but I didn't know him by name. Now, I don't think that I could forget after seeing him play twice in one day. The soulful songs he serenaded us with have been stuck in my head for days— not that it's a bad thing. If you aren't familiar with Langhorne's music, I strongly suggest that you take the time to listen to a few of his songs. Before you know it, they'll be stuck in your head, too! 

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    1. i so love these small intimate shows whenever i can find them!! fantastic that you got to see them twice in one day.

    2. Just from the lyrics in the song you posted you can tell he's a nice guy. His singing comes across as totally genuine.

      What an awesome experience for you to be able to see him play and meet him!

    3. I love Langhorne Slim. He has his own channel on my Pandora station.

    4. These are really cool music photos, and Langhorne Slim is great; I'm jealous!