New SONY Point & Shoot Camera | Cyber-shot WX9 [Preview]

If you took a moment to watch the embedded video (which I think you should), you would have been introduced to a truly amazing digital camera. It's not due to be released by Sony Electronics until later this month, however, I got my hot little hands on one early! 

It feels like it's been a long period of time since I've owned a compact point and shoot camera. A good indication of how far back I'm talking about will be easily understood once I reveal how many mega pixels it was. While I can't remember the exact model of the camera I had, I do recall that it was a measly 3 mega pixels compared to the massive amount of mpx's Sony's new point and shoot possesses. However, back then, that was considered a good size for a casual shooter.

Now, though, the same technology just doesn't cut the mustard! We want bigger and better. More mega pixels and features than we know what to do with, really. This is where our insatiable appetites for cutting edge technology forces companies to meet and exceed the demands we place on the market. The folks over at Sony Electronics are setting out to do just that, and are blowing us away in the process!

As a photographer who primarily shoots with a digital SLR (Sony A700), I am serious when it comes to gaining more control over my photographs, which is why I bypassed purchasing a newer point and shoot camera—to replace my puny 3 mpx— in favor of something that could deliver what I needed to grow and become a better photographer. A great deal of research went into the process of selecting my camera, which is extremely complicated in an over-saturated market. You can visit countless websites and read tons of reviews, and still be left scratching your head over which one to choose in the end. Although I'm completely confident that I made the right decision upon upgrading my equipment.

While I absolutely love my camera—for a while now—I have contemplated purchasing a compact camera that I could keep with me daily. Typically, I'm not one of those photographers who “never leaves home without her camera”. I mean, seriously, my DSLR and beefy lenses can get heavy (even if I'm only using my 50mm), and I don't always want to feel encumbered by my gear when I just want to go out for a few hours. But there are times when I wish that I had a camera with me to snap a quick shot of whatever catches my eye. That would be the only drawback of being a DSLR owner. Recently, I was given an opportunity to see how far point and shoot cameras have come since the last time I owned one, and boy was I impressed!

At the end of March, I was invited to San Diego, CA by someone from Sony Electronics to come and try out one of their new cameras due to release some time this month, the Sony Cybershot WX9. After reviewing the preview of this camera online, I was extremely excited to get my hands on one to see how it performed. Initially, I was under the impression that we would just be trying it out and giving them back at the end of the event, but I was super pleased to discover that they were giving them to us to keep! Imagine how happy a room full of bloggers (approx 11 of us) were when this tidbit of news was announced. Sony seriously spoiled us!

During the course of my stay in San Diego, CA, I familiarized myself with the new Sony camera and its features. There are quite a few of them that I came to love, and I want to share them with you in a post called “10 Reasons Why You Want to WIN a Sony WX9”. I could have went on and on about all the things I loved about this digital camera, however, I decided to highlight the features I enjoyed using the most. A sweet surprise will also be announced with the next blog post, so stay tuned for that exciting news! Be sure to connect with WW on Facebook or subscribe another way (see the sidebar --------> for more options), so that you get the details first! 

What is your experience with point and shoot cameras? Do you own one?
What do you think of the Sony WX9?
 Please share your thoughts!

Images & Videos Taken w/ the Sony Cybershot WX9:

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      1. Ooo, why'nt you say it has a Zeiss lens? :D

        I kind of like Zeiss for making the most of lenses in tiny places.

      2. @Prin: There were a lot of great things I left out! The post was already 2000 words, and I had to split it up! haha

        Zeiss lenses are the BEST! I was thrilled when I realized this little point and shoot had one. I just upgraded my zoom on the A700 to a Zeiss lens, and it's incredible!