My Favorite Food Vendors @ Shakori Hills | Pittsboro, NC

Sugar Shack @ Shakori Hills

Anyone who knows Cody and I well enough will be the first to tell you that we may be mildly obsessed with food. Some of our most favorite events throughout the year are greatly dependent upon the food that they serve. For us, that can make or break an event because we really like to eat. Festivals are usually some of the best places to try out some of the most interesting cuisine that you don't normally get to eat. Shakori Hills, a wildly fun music festival we recently attended, was one of those events that didn't disappoint when it came to the selection of food vendors.

Knowing good and well that we'd be sampling a little bit of this and a little bit of that, Cody and I took a wad of cash to compensate for any culinary delights we would allow ourselves to partake. In retrospect, we may have allotted too much money for the feasting that ensued as a result of all the tasty options before us. We gave business to just about every vendor out there, sampling all the snacks that caught our eye. We have a tendency to go overboard! I was a little embarrassed by how much we actually consumed over the 4-day festival after I tallied it up in my head, but then I remembered how delectable everything was and quickly got over it. As a follow up to the overview post I did about Shakori Hills last week, I thought it might be fun to share a few of our most favorite edibles from the festival. 

 Veggie Thing from Sugar Shack @ Shakori Hills

THE VEGGIE THING from The Sugar Shack

This beast was by far the most delicious item we tried. Rightly so, because we kept hearing about how awesome it was from other people. I couldn't help but stare at the folks around us who were devouring them as they gushed about how good they were. Once we saw the overstuffed medley of madness being eaten by others, we were determined to get one for ourselves. It was a flour tortilla packed with raw broccoli, spinach, spring mix cabbage, carrots, two kinds of cheese, salsa, and a chutney-like sauce that gave it a little zing. For something so basic and simple, it was incredible! This week, Cody and I actually worked on recreating this masterpiece. You'll be happy to know that it was a success! Interested in the recipe? We might be willing to share our secret ;)

Hillbilly Bob's Homemade Soda @ Shakori Hills

HOMEMADE SODA from Hillbilly Bob's

His cute little trailer with the rustic wood siding was hard to miss. We investigated further to figure out what was so special about his soda's. Besides the fact that they are homemade, unlike most soft drinks, he uses pure cane sugar and other extracts for flavoring, and not high fructose corn syrup. The cost for these isn't the same as what you buy in the gas station or grocery store, they came at a slightly higher price. The initial drink was $5.00, and the refills were only $2.00 after your first purchase.

Passing up the opportunity to try one when we first stopped by, we ended up going back because we heard that the Root Beer was amazing. I'm not typically a big fan of Root Beer myself, but this concoction was good. Real good. Drinking out of the tin can was an interesting novelty; I'm glad that we could recycle it afterward. In the end, we tasted all but one flavor, the cream soda.

Duck Fat Tots from Kokyu @ Shakori Hills Music Festival

DUCK FAT TOTS (w/ Rosemary & Black Pepper) from Kokyu

While scanning over their menu, I impulsively decided to try these strictly based on the name alone. I can't say that I've ever tried anything cooked in duck fat before, so I was unsure about what to expect. But who doesn't love tater tots? And tater tots cooked in duck fat?! I had to get a taste of this! They were incredible. Seriously. I don't even know how to describe the explosion of flavors I experienced when scarfing them down. Thinking about them as I write this makes my mouth water! At $3 a tray, it was likely one of the cheapest things we ate while at Shakori. Thank goodness, too, because we had about 3 trays :D

What is the most interesting food you've consumed during a festival or other event? 
Please share in the comments!

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  1. I must know your recipe for the veggie thing! looks sooooo good!!! maybe its actually really ugly in person but just that you take such amazing photos lol

  2. you didn't photo shop that food did yah lol.. im kidding.. sounded great!!! ps I would put a lil meat in mine..

  3. I am craving a Veggie Thing so badly! Could you please share your brilliant recipe with me? Pretty please?