Sony Foodie Photo Contest — WIN a new Sony Cybershot WX9

Lunch Plate of Yummy Goodness

Sitting amidst a table full of people who were just as crazy about taking pictures of their food (and eating it) as I am was one of the most memorable experiences I've had in my life as a blogger and photographer. It's something I rarely—if ever—get the opportunity to do. I wish that it were something that I could do more often, actually. I felt so inspired and energized when I could freely (and furiously) take pictures until I was truly finished for a change.

Dessert Diptych

More often than not, I feel rushed and like a nuisance when I'm in a typical restaurant, so I try to get my shots off quickly, and without attracting too much attention from other people. Although that still doesn't stop me from shooting my food anyway. It's just so much more fun when you aren't the only one hovering around the plate with a camera in hand looking for the most flattering angle.

Sucre Diptych

Since the Sony Foodie Blogger Event in San Diego, CA. took place a couple of months ago, I'd say that my habit of shooting my food has gotten ten times worse than it was previously, especially since I have the WX9 to help me be a little more discreet. Taking pictures of my food is something I've done for a while now, I just didn't realize how many other people were doing it too. I'm relieved to know that I am not alone! (It makes me feel like less of a dork.)

Joey K's Diptych

The only bad part about food photography, for the viewer, is the fact that you're forced to look at something that you probably can't have at that particular moment. As for me, looking at pictures of food is like my form of porn. I love seeing a yummy photo that can instantly make me salivate, even if I don't get to eat it. Just seeing it and thinking about it is enough for me sometimes, although it can induce some wicked cravings that I end up caving into from time to time.

How about you?

Do you love looking at photos of food, or taking photos of food?

What about eating what's in the photos of food?

If you're like me, the answer is probably all of the above!

Sony Cybershot WX9

Well, the reason that this post is talking about food photos is because Wayfaring Wanderer is hosting its first-ever food photography contest! If you've followed along with the Sony Foodie blog posts that I've shared up until this point, you know I was invited to San Diego, along with 12 other foodie bloggers, to test out a new point and shoot camera Sony released this past April. The Sony Cybershot WX9 is an amazing little p&s that has great features and takes wonderful photos. If you enter the Sony Foodie Photo Contest, you can WIN a new WX9 of your very own! Thanks, Sony :D


To enter, just upload your favorite Food photo to the Wayfaring Wanderer Facebook page wall. (Be sure to tag yourself.) In the caption, you must note that 'this photo is your entry into the Sony Foodie Photo Contest', a link to this blog post must also be included for consideration.

Anything goes; just be sure that the subject matter involves something you can eat!

The (5) entries with the most FB “LIKES” will advance to the next round of voting. You have until June 23rd to enter a photo. After this date, the 5 finalists' images will be reposted on the WW Facebook page for the final round of voting. The winner will be announced on June 30th!


Only one entry per person.

The photo submitted must be one that you have taken.

Invite your FB friends to “LIKE” your image to increase your chances of winning!


1st Prize – New Sony Cybershot WX9 (Retail value $200)
2nd & 3rd Prize – Argus Bean Sprout Carabiner Camera (Retail value $20)

If you have any questions whatsoever,
please feel free to post them in the comments here or on the FB page.
Have fun! And good luck! I can't wait to see your tasty entries :D

Interested in finding out more about my trip to San Diego? 
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    1. Got the picture, just to post it

    2. I do like to see photographs of food. I should clarify that. I like to see GOOD photographs. Sometimes I see a food photograph in an ad and it is so bad I wouldn't think of trying it. (Long John Silver and Popeye's Chicken come to mind.)

      Your photogaphs of the food are wonderful. Everything looks so tempting.

    3. Lovely images of food, I'm glad the RSS feed is up :) now I'm hungry, and must go find something to photograph something ... but it can't be nearly so good looking :)

      Thanks for letting us know about the contest!