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Fried Green Tomato Sandwich or B.L.F.G.T.
(My Fried Green Tomato Sandwich)

I got excited when I heard that we'd be getting a bunch of green tomatoes in our weekly CSA goodie bag from our favorite local farmers at Creeksong Farm. There was no doubt in my mind as to what I'd be using them for because I've been craving Fried Green Tomatoes ever since we got back from our trip to Asheville.

I can't say that I've done my own fried green tomatoes before, but I've surely tasted more than my fair share. That's for sure. I knew that the recipe for FGTs wasn't all that complicated, but I went online to find some tried and true recipes to follow along. When I search for recipes, I do it in the Google images category because, of course, I'm obsessed with food photos. Once I came across a good-looking thumbnail I clicked through to check out the recipe.

The Fried Green Tomato recipe that I found was on I like that the ingredient list didn't have too many different items, most of them we had on-hand. It was a pretty basic recipe. And the instructions were super simple, too. One thing that was missing was the cornmeal, but I improvised because it seems like an important element. I used a cornmeal based fish fry that I brought back from New Orleans instead, and it worked just fine.

I worked on coating and breading the tomatoes while Cody fried them up. By the time we were done, there was a pretty enormous pile of FGTs sitting in front of us. At that point, we weren't even that hungry because we had been taste testing along the way. Oops!

The plan was to make Fried Green Tomato BLTs. Or a B.L.F.G.T. :D Although we didn't make any sandwiches that evening because we spoiled our appetites. It was the first thing on my mind the very next day, though. Guess what I had for breakfast! Haha Yep, a B.L.F.G.T.! It was the most delicious sandwich EVAR! Seriously.

Making a FGT sandwich is super simple. All you do is toast some bread, slap on some mayo, layer it with lettuce, add a few pieces of crispy bacon along with your FGTs, and you're all set. Easy peasy!

I had two of those sandwiches that day. This week alone I've had 4 of them! Haha We might even have some leftovers, so I can make another one today. it lunch time yet?!?! :D

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  1. I never thought about using a green tomato on a blt before! great idea!!! I am totally going to go get some bacon today.. your food pictures always seem to spike hunger in me even when I just ate an hour ago!!

  2. I was all about trying fried green tomatoes after the movie came out but then I had them and they tasted like normal tomatoes and I was all disappointed!