Fitness Fashion with a Twist | YMX Clothing Giveaway

This past week I had the opportunity to take a hike on one of my most favorite trails around Boone, the Boone Fork Trail. It's a 5-mile loop that starts right off the Blue Ridge Parkway. I'm a big fan of this hike because of the varied terrain and scenery that can be experienced along the way. It's like being on several different trails when you're really just on one. However, that's another post for a different time. Read on...

I was recently contacted by a representative from the YMX by Yellowman Clothing Company about testing & reviewing a piece of their performance wear. Once I received the item, I decided that the best way for me to test its mettle was to wear it on my favorite 5-mile hike, the Boone Fork Trail, to see how well it held up. This is my way of telling you this is a sponsored post, and that I was given this shirt so I could write a review. However, the views and opinions within are my own.


When I was initially contacted by the company, I, of course, checked out their website and found other reviews to see what they were all about, and to determine if it would be worth my time despite the fact that I would get a complimentary shirt out of the deal. I mean, I don't want to do it just to do it. I want to make sure that it's a company that I can stand behind, you know.

Fitness Fashion with a Twist | YMX Clothing Giveaway

What I found was that they started out making clothing with tattoo designs on them before jumping into the sports wear arena. I can't say that the vivid prints and detailed artwork would be something that I'd typically purchase on my own had I been shopping for a long-sleeved shirt, but I do think the designs are very eye catching and beautiful. I got to choose between 3 different styles, and I went with the one that had the most black in it, naturally.

What I liked right off the bat once I had the shirt in my hands was how soft and silky the material was. It was also extremely lightweight, which is a huge plus. And I even came to appreciate the artwork more, too, once it was in front of me and not on the computer screen. The burst of color coupled with the detailed graphics made it a showstopper, for sure!


  • UV Protection (UPF 50+)
  • Wicks away moisture/breathable
  • regulates body temperature
  • wrinkle/abrasion resistant
  • easy stretch/compression
  • lightweight


One major benefit to wearing this type of garment is that it's very versatile. Not only is it great for any sport, it's also great for leisurely activities as well. The MadKool fabric made exclusively for YMX, and Yellowman is special in many ways. It's breathable and stretchy, yet it still maintains its shape, which made it super comfortable to wear. This might be TMI, but I perspire quite a bit when I'm being athletic...or sitting still, so I liked the fact that this material wicks away moisture. I was expecting it to be wet in certain places after working up a sweat during my 5-mile hike, but I didn't have that problem with this piece. The shirt managed to stay dry during the entire hike!

Fitness Fashion with a Twist | YMX Clothing Giveaway

After finishing the hike, we made our way to Blowing Rock for dinner. Typically, I'd want to change before heading out for the evening, but I didn't have to with this garment. It's truly one of those pieces that can be worn in any situation, especially if you want to be all stylish while you're doing whatever you're doing. It garnered quite a few glances from people around us. Maybe they thought I looked ridiculous, but I'm pretty sure it was because they thought I looked awesome :D


Fitness fashion isn't something that I think about too often. Most of the time I just throw on whatever without giving much thought to how presentable I might be while I'm doing something athletic. However, I'm sure that many other people put more thought into how fly they look when they're picking out gym clothes to wear for a workout. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just don't give a hoot. However, what I do appreciate are pieces that are comfortable and functional, not just pretty to look at, and that's exactly what I found with the Flower Clouds Sun Tee from YMX.

While it was different for me to wear something that stands out so much, I did feel as though the shirt lived up to the expectations I had after reading the claims about its performance. I'm happy to have this wearable work of art that I can use when I'm being adventurous or when I'm out running errands. It'll definitely become a staple in my wardrobe!


Looking to add a piece like this to your active apparel collection? 
Well, YMX has generously offered to throw in a giveaway for this sponsored post! 
Wanna win? Keep reading...


• A new Flower Clouds Sun Tee from YMX by Yellowman in your size (Retail value $89.00)


• To enter, all you need to do is refer a friend to the Wayfaring Wanderer Facebook page.

• Share a link to the WW page on your wall & don't forget to tag WW in the status message you write. Be sure to ask friends to visit & “LIKE” the Wayfaring Wanderer page, so that you can have a chance to win, and let them know that they can enter, too!


• The friend(s) that you refer should write a post on the WW Facebook wall that says [YOUR NAME] sent me, so I know who gets the credit! FYI - I won't count the entry if this part isn't completed.

• For each person you refer to the WW page, you will receive one entry!

• No limit to the amount of entries you can receive :D

• Obviously, this is a shirt for the ladies, but that doesn't mean dudes can't enter, too!

• This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents. Sorry, not my rules :(

• The giveaway will end on DECEMBER 7th (Midnight EST) and a winner will be announced on the 8th.


• (1-extra entry) “LIKE” the YMX by Yellowman FB page & leave a post on the wall letting them know that Wayfaring Wanderer sent you. (Don't forget to tag WW in the status message or I won't know that you did this)

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If you have any questions whatsoever,
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  1. I seriously want this shirt!!! Its got my name written all over it and it sounds awesome!!! the only thing its missing is diamonds and hello kitty!! Its got all the bells and whistles!!!

  2. Coolest shirt ever! I am loving this!! I know haute mess wats it pretty bad...but so do long as no aprons get thrown at me in my attempt to win it, then ill be fine lol

  3. I "liked" YMX and told them you sent me!!