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Executive Chef Sean Brock is transforming the way you think about Southern food. His philosophy is simple: “If it ain't from the South, it ain't coming through the door!” A restriction like that can put some severe limitations on a fledgling restaurant, but it's a commitment that he wholeheartedly abides by. From what I've read, they didn't even allow olive oil into HUSK until they found a purveyor in the state of Texas. What's that you say? Texas isn't in the South?! Well, technically, it is since it's below the mason-dixon line, which is where all the ingredients must come from in order to make it to one of the tables at Husk.

HUSK: Best New Restaurant in Charleston, 
SC (and America)

The fairly new restaurant is situated on a magnolia-shaded side-street in the heart of Charleston's historic district in a very inviting Queen Anne home built in 1893 that has been fully restored. I just love those types of restaurants that make you feel as if you're visiting a relative to sit down and have a meal. It isn't as intimate a setting as Simplicity at The Mast Farm Inn, but the comfortable space was bright and airy, and the floor-to-ceiling windows filled the dining room with the most gorgeous light. While I would have loved to sit inside the main dining room, we were ushered to the 2nd story porch to dine alfresco. The weather was superb. We got lucky!


This nationally acclaimed restaurant has only been open since the Fall of 2010 yet it has won numerous awards between now and then. The most notable so far is the title of #1 Best New Restaurant in America by Bon Appétit Magazine. That's a pretty prestigious accolade right there, wouldn't you agree?! I think that Chef Sean Brock is used to the attention, though. He's become quite the celebrity in Charleston from his time spent at McCrady's, another highly acclaimed fine dining establishment in town. But Husk is his baby. Or so that's the impression I've gotten.

His intention upon opening the restaurant is to place more emphasis on the ingredients used & the folks that cultivate those products and produce instead of having the spotlight placed on himself. He clearly has a deeply rooted passion for, not only the South, but Southern food, and it definitely shines through in many different ways here at Husk.


Something highly unique about the dining experience at Husk is that the menu changes daily. Yep, every single day! That seems like quite a challenge, indeed. Not to mention how much time and effort it requires to manage such a lofty mission. However, they are handling the task pretty well from what I experienced. So, why does the menu change everyday? Well, as I mentioned earlier, they are bound by what is currently available to them using only ingredients from the South. While it seems restricting, Husk's stance is that it's a necessity! To them, there is no other way. I really admire a place that's willing to take such a risk for the sake of preserving what seems to be a bygone era.

HUSK: Best New Restaurant in Charleston, 
SC (and America)

To those that don't know any better, this restaurant is being touted as revolutionary because of the pledges they have made. However, what people seem to forget is that there was a time when people had to eat what was on-hand. There weren't grocery stores filled with aisle upon aisle of pre-packaged food at our disposal like today. You ate what you grew, or you didn't eat! Simple as that. While the farm-to-table mentality seems like a fad that has only recently become more prominent in popular culture, it's really just a movement that is being revived by those who appreciate simplicity. People like Chef Sean Brock.


Our recent dining experience was brunch before leaving Charleston to head home. We had ventured there the day before, but they weren't open yet, so we sadly had to go elsewhere. However, I was determined to eat at this restaurant after receiving a recommendation from a friend on the WW Facebook page. It ended up being the perfect way to round out our weekend getaway! So, yeah, let me get to the best part...the FOOD!

After pouring over their menu, and not being able to choose what I wanted, I decided to ask our server what she recommended. Actually, I asked her what was the best-looking dish they had today, which elicited an interesting look, rightly so. I ended up going with her suggestion, which was the Monte Cristo. It included VA Lamb BBQ, TN Buttermilk Cheddar, fried egg, Surry Sausage, and Potato Hash. The flavor of the Lamb BBQ was incredible; it was smoky with a hint of sweetness. I would have been happy with a plate piled with nothing but that!

HUSK: Best New Restaurant in Charleston, 
SC (and America)

Cody ended up going for the TX Wagyu Sirloin, with a sunny side up egg, VA Sausage and Confit Potato Hash. The presentation of this dish had me drooling, and reconsidering my own breakfast order even though I thought mine was pretty, too. Luckily, he was nice enough to offer me a bite. The Wagyu Sirloin was so tender. Basically, it melted in your mouth—makes me salivate just thinking about it! Talk about things melting in your mouth, the buttermilk benne seed dinner rolls they brought out prior to these dishes were also amazing; I didn't hesitate to slather on the savory homemade pork lard butter they supplied us with. To say the least, it was a highly satisfying meal that I enjoyed immensely. I only wished that I had room for more!

If you're interested in finding out more about HUSK, here is a link to their website.

Our experience at Husk was short and sweet, although it most certainly made a lasting impression on me that I won't soon forget. The next time we're in town, we'll definitely be eating at this restaurant in Charleston, SC! Our meals were unforgettable and the service we received from the staff was incredible. If you're looking for a modern taste of the South with a twist, this restaurant will surely not disappoint! Thank you for visiting WW for Foodie Friday; I hope you'll be back next week :D

QUESTION: What do you think about Husk's philosophy?
Would you say that it's flawed or awesome?

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  1. I like it. I think it not only changes things up a bit for the restaurant, rather than having the same stale menu, but it also teaches the people who eat there what is possible with the food around us.

    (And I think your plate looks tastier.:D)

  2. I loveee his philosophy! Its a great way to be economicaly friendly by not wasting what you have and its very creative! I am a southern girl so I am allllll about the south! Give me grits or give me death!

  3. Philly actually has a Farm to Fork week of participating restaurants. I missed it this year, but going to try again next year. Excellent pics as usual!

  4. Mmmmmm. That's an awesome philosophy...really bringing it back old school. Both the dishes you took pictures of look divine!