Quick Getaway to Charleston, SC

Everything you've heard about Charleston, SC is absolutely true! I'd be really surprised to hear if you hadn't learned anything about this charming city yet because it's pretty popular. The Holy City entertains nearly 4 million visitors on an annual basis. Good thing it's large enough to accommodate all those who choose to travel to Charleston, SC; it is the second-largest city in South Carolina!

Quick Getaway to Charleston, SC

This town offers all sorts of different experiences depending on what appeals to you. Trust me, you won't run out of things to do in this bustling town no matter what you're into. While a weekend getaway is sufficient to explore some of the highlights of Charleston, SC, it's not nearly enough time to experience everything they have to offer from the amazing local restaurants found around every corner, to the museums, churches, and other architectural delights to see throughout the town.


The question really should be, “When is there NOT a good time to go”, because you can visit Charleston during any season and be pleasantly surprised by what you can discover. Late fall had lovely weather during the day with crisp, cool nights after the sun went down. A far cry from the dead heat of summer I experienced when visiting last year in August. The only way I'd tell you to go during the summer is if you planned on spending most of your time at a Charleston, SC beach! Otherwise, you'll be going from one air conditioned store to another for a reprieve from the heat—I speak from experience.


My most recent trip to Charleston mid-November included accommodations that were a whole lot different from what I experienced previously. Mainly, because this trip wasn't planned by me (I'm cheap). Cody was the one who made all the arrangements this time around, which is a little out of the ordinary for us because I'm typically the planner. I was downright shocked when we were pulling into a hotel that was right in the heart of downtown Charleston! 

Charleston Place Hotel | Charleston, 

And not just any hotel either, we would be staying at the CHARLESTON PLACE, which, from what I could tell on the outside, was as posh as it gets! We were greeted by valets and ushered in by bellhops. I didn't know what to do with myself. I was floored. All I could keep thinking in my head was, “How much did he have to pay for this place?!" haha But he wouldn't divulge that information no matter how many times I asked.

After I got over the initial shock of how fancy this hotel was that we would be staying at, I was railroaded yet again by how beautiful our room was. Seriously, I don't get to stay in places like this normally, so I'm easily impressed. We even had a balcony that overlooked the courtyard below that gave us a nice little view of a small portion of the city. The bathroom was ridiculously luxurious, too, with marble tiles on the floor and bathtub walls. It was almost like stepping into a magazine. I felt so spoiled. Aside from how amazing this place was, the staff was also super friendly, courteous, and always asking how they could help make our stay more pleasant. A girl could certainly get used to that sort of treatment, for sure.


One of the main reasons we love Charleston so much is due to the fabulous restaurants that can be found without even really looking very hard. We had some terrific food during our last trip, and we were very much looking forward to revisiting some of our favorite restaurants as well as try a few new ones while we were there.

Toast | Charleston, SC 

When it came to breakfast we were quite lost on where to go, so we basically stumbled around until we found something that tickled our fancy. After stopping in to check out the menu at several different places, we settled on breakfast at a place called TOAST. I think that one of the major reasons people eat at Toast is because they are home of the bottomless mimosa. Truth be told, that was probably the deciding factor of why we were eating there! Haha Although I have no complaints whatsoever about the food I ate. The “Eggs Meeting Street” was pretty delicious! It had a fried green tomato topped with a crab cake, poached egg and Lowcountry remoulade sauce, served with home fries. I ordered it because it sounded so weird, and I just had to get a taste. The tangyness of the flavors in this dish may not appeal to everyone, but I thought it was very good!

Based on a recommendation someone gave on the WW Facebook page, we found out about a fairly new restaurant in Charleston called HUSK. This restaurant was named 2011 Best New Restaurant in American by Bon Appetit Magazine. So, what's all the hype about? Well, Husk has decided to do things a little differently than the typical restaurants you'll come across, not just in Charleston, but anywhere, really. The menu at this restaurant changes daily, and they take being a locavore to a whole new level with their commitment to only serving ingredients procured from the South.

Husk | Charleston, SC 

After pouring over their menu, and not being able to decide on what I wanted, I decided to ask our server what she recommended. Actually, I asked her what was the best-looking dish they had today, which elicited an interesting look, rightly so. I ended up going with her suggestion, which was the Monte Cristo. It included VA Lamb BBQ, TN Buttermilk Cheddar, fried egg, Surry Sausage, and Potato Hash. I've grown accustomed to seeing a plate piled with a number of different ingredients, so to have this lovely plate presented to me in such a simple fashion was really out of the ordinary. It doesn't look like much, but looks are certainly deceiving in this instance, because the food was fabulous! I can't wait to go back and eat at this restaurant the next time we're in town!

Aside from our eating exploits and the time spent at the amazing hotel, there wasn't much time left to do anything else, really. A weekend in Charleston, SC isn't near enough time to explore everything this multi-faceted city has to offer. However, you'll definitely want an excuse to come back and discover more!

If you'd like to find out more about Charleston, SC, here is a link to the visitor's website.

If you're looking for things to do in Charleston, SC, I have included some links in this post to related articles from my past trip that could be useful (look for the red text above). I would have included some here, but the post was getting entirely too long! Another thing missing from this post is the "bonus surprise news" I promised to share, which I fully intend on doing, but I'm going to save it for Thursday because it deserves more than just a blurb!

Question: Have you ever been to Charleston, SC? 
What's your favorite thing about this city? 

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  1. I haven't been yet. Always get stuck in NC on my way down to those parts. :D

  2. I have been, in November of 2009. Stayed at the Embassy Suites Historic Charleston, which used to be the original Citadel Military College building. It was so interesting, but the best part was its close proximity to historic downtown restaurants and shops. A very walkable location. Loved your post and photos!

  3. @Prin: haha...NC has a funny way of grabbing hold and not letting go :D

    @Michelle: Thank you! Charleston is a great place to explore on foot. Not having to worry about parking (and remembering where you parked) was also a plus!

  4. I want to go to Charleston. One of my best friends moved there 1 year ago and I HAVE to go visit. Good excuse to see a new City!! Your pictures are beautiful