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You know, falling from anything higher than 6-ft. is considered a DEATH FALL, right?!,” Jack, the owner of Camp Sky Ranch, said. Suddenly, that 8-ft. tall ladder I was staring at leaned up against the wall looked more like a skyscraper to me. “Did you seriously just use the word DEATH FALL?!,” I exclaimed, as I quickly laughed it off. I only entertained the thought of a DEATH FALL for a second or so before deciding to bring it to the shoot despite his friendly warning. There was no way I was going to let my unfounded anxiety about heights deter my desire to shoot from above! After all, I had a vision and I was on a mission!

From the moment I introduced the idea of doing an Alice in Wonderland wedding themed shoot to Andi of Miss Match Rentals, we began planning with reckless abandon! I've been hording all sorts of Alice in Wonderland inspiration on a Pinterest board for the past few years which helped move things along swiftly. By the time Andi asked Desi of Desi's Floral and Design Studio to join us, a whirlwind of wacky ideas started to storm in and a foundation was soon forged.

Behind-the-Scenes of Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot
From left to right: Raejan: Diverse Accomplice & Finger Fire Fighter // Rob: King of the Handsome Lemmy & Hardworking American // Andi: Psychedelic Queen & Plate Peddler // Jessica: High Ladder Climber & Soulful Image Collector  // Jack: Maple Tree Syrup Tapper & Chief Camp Ranger // Desi: Handmade Prop Goddess & Freestyle Florist // Wendy: Sugar Whisperer & Master Snow Globe Maker

Andi, Desi, and I had a beer-infused brainstorming session at the Appalachian Mountain Brewery here in Boone a month or so before the shoot to get our creative juices flowing and to solidify our intentions. The frenzy of inspiration resulted in an intoxicating exchange. Ideas were the easy part. Corralling our concepts was the biggest challenge! Getting other vendors involved who were as elated as we were required a lot less effort than I thought thanks to the awesome network of wedding vendors here in Boone, NC. We gained momentum pretty rapidly after that.

Location Scouting for Alice in Wonderland Shoot @ Camp Sky Ranch
Location scouting for Alice in Wonderland Styled Shoot @ Camp Sky Ranch
While scouting locations at Camp Sky Ranch we wanted something that felt magical and mesmerizing for our backdrop, so when Jack took us up to this special spot that was once an apple orchard, we were enraptured by the beauty of the bare forest and windy, gravel road. The woodland scene he shuttled us to was more perfect than we could have imagined, we thought that it would set the whole tone for the shoot nicely. I'll admit, it was a HUGE pain in the butt to get everyone and everything to our secret hideaway because it required a 4x4 vehicle to access, but it was definitely worth it for this secluded spread!

Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot Assistant
Raejan, Photography Assistant Extraordinaire 
Behind-the-Scenes @ Alice in Wonderland Styled Shoot
Paparazzi getting their shots in before we lose light!

Once our barn wood table(s) were delivered and put into place, everything started taking shape. It was impressive to witness a big ol' pile of stuff transform into a storybook scene from one of my/our favorite childhood fantasies. The thoughtfully decorated 24-foot table(s) supplied by Upper Barn were situated in the middle of the road to act as the center-stage for the entire production. It took nearly 3-hours to put all of the details in place before the set was perfected and photo-ready.

Behind-the-Scenes @ Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot
Everything starting to transform @ the Alice in Wonderland Wedding Inspiration Shoot (iPhone Pics)
I had, roughly, two hours—not including the many warm up breaks our freezing models needed—to shoot everything before we started losing light. Things ran smoothly due to some extensive pre-planning, thankfully, only a few hiccups were encountered throughout the day. I knew from my experience as a wedding photographer that not everything would go according to plan, but we managed just fine no matter what was flung our way!

Behind-the-Scenes @ Alice in Wonderland Wedding Inspiration Shoot
The 24-foot table getting set-up on the day of the shoot (iPhone Pics)

To say that everyone took this theme and ran with it would be an understatement. We all had our “jobs to do” but it was the group effort that made this shoot run so seamlessly from idea to conception! With every meeting, email, text, and phone call our plans morphed and cemented with great ease. Before we knew it the time flashed by as we feverishly neared the finish line.

One thing that made this whole production a success was that everyone was eager to see what we envisioned come to fruition. We were all chomping at the bit to unleash our creativity and bring this shoot to life! What an incredible experience it was to have the opportunity to work with some of the most esteemed professionals in the wedding industry here in (and around) Boone, NC. 

Wayfaring Wanderer (Boone NC Photographer) Behind-the-Scenes
I spy Wayfaring Wanderer!

I am so honored and grateful to have been a part of this styled shoot. Thank you for taking a look at this behind-the-scenes peek at our Alice in Wonderland Wedding Inspiration collaboration. I'll be sharing the actual images from the shoot soon so stay tuned! 

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Photographer: Wayfaring Wanderer // Rentals: Miss Match Rentals // Florals + Styling: Desi's Floral and Design Studio // Venue: Camp Sky Ranch Events // Teacakes & Mini-cupcakes:The Gamekeeper Restaurant and Bar // Farm Tables: Upper Barn// Make up: Beautiful Bride on Location (Marion Edwards) // Dress: Did Someone Say Party? // Model: Caitlin Lovell // Photography Assistant: Raejan Danger Dunn

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