A Comparison.................

It all started when I stumbled across this website www.grocerylist.org that I grew this new found fascination in grocery lists of different sorts that I found lying around. I'm not sure exactly what intrigued me the most when I found "my" very first list but I didn't want to leave it there. Not that it's some magic window to ones soul but it is something personal in a way, although I would probably never know exactly who it was that wrote the list in the first place. I myself am a very avid list writer. At any given time I can have several different lists going at one time. Some may find that to be rather annoying, I on the other hand find that to be the ONLY way for me to remember things when I get an idea or wot knot. Sometimes I nearly forget what I want to write down before I can reach a pen & paper which by the way is usually close in proximity. I think that my affinity for finding lists is almost as great as making lists.
I also put up this post as a comparative for handwriting in response to a post I saw on another bloggers website. Nuri if you see this let me know what you think!

*UPDATE: Today is my Friday and boy I couldn't be happier! Especially since tomorrow we finally get internet and cable at the new place. It's been nice though sitting around when Cody gets home and talking about random nonsense. Hopefully we can continue with that even though the cable and internet are coming. When I get home I have about an hour before Cody gets there and without the internet I've just found stuff to do. I would either put up a box of stuff, continue the Harry Potter saga, wash dishes, etc. Maybe it should be some sort of rule not to turn the TV on until a certain time or something. Last night we watched a movie but not until like 8:30 or so. Hmmm, we'll see how it goes I suppose.


  1. milk.. a stick of butta and a loaf of bread

  2. Interesting... but this handwriting is pretty good! (compared to mine, at least!) In my country, you wouldn't find Tylenol in a supermarket, you'd have to go to a Pharmacy :-)

  3. Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!