Favorite "Things"

I got this necklace just last week. But let me tell ya it's been somewhat of a long process obtaining it. First off, I'm really cheap these days so spending money on something this extravagant doesn't happen too often. You see I've had my eye on this for almost 6 months now if not longer. I eagerly watched the website for a cut in the price in hopes that sooner or later this would be around my neck. This necklace went from being $119.00..............then to $95.00..........then $75 but still this wasn't enough. I wanted it to be lower! I know that I always say that I am one of the most impatient people on the earth but for this, I waited. And surely enough it paid off - I received a coupon code with 20% off and free shipping and at the time the price was lower so believe it or not I ended up getting the necklace I waited oh so patiently for for just $40.00!! Now tell me that's not a deal. Sure some of you will say "I wouldn't pay $40 bucks for that necklace" but crickey I would & well, I did! And I absolutely loooooooooove it. I almost want to wear it with everything but it's just not one of those kinds of necklaces. Ross Simons is taking after Tiffany but instead of a blue box with a black ribbon they sent this little brown box with neon green trim, and they even put the necklace in a little brown suede bag to make the unraveling that much more exhilarating. You may think that I'm way too happy about a mere necklace but it's not as if were an impulse buy, I bode my time even though I wanted pretty badly.


  1. Awww.... You sound like me. I wont pay more than $10 for a shirt or $15 for pants. I dont think spending money on useless things is all that necessary, but at times you do have to spoil yourself and get something that you really really want.

    Glad you were able to get it, no matter what you paid for it. Enjoy it!!!

  2. that is such a great picture of you!!