New Place

Finally, here are some pictures of the new place. The back is really the front. Since this is the door we use to go in and out mostly.
I will post more soon once more stuff is out of the way!!

*UPDATE: The physical therapy went pretty well on Friday. The only adverse affects I've noticed is that the medication has seemed to upset my oh so sensitive face. But otherwise, I have just noticed that I'm unusually sore where my neck meets my shoulders. The procedure felt somewhat like very dull bee stings in a way. Although it didn't hurt - it was a strange sensation.


  1. The house is very cute! I can't wait to come up and visit you and be able to see the whole thing. We miss you here in Jax but I am glad you get to see other things.

  2. Awe, I can't wait for you guys to come up too. Hopefully you can manage it sometime soon!

  3. aww i love it sooooo cute!!! thats how asians talk.. it so cute.. pluralize nothing

  4. I knew you could do it! It's so nice and decent looking house with
    fireplace for a cozy winter.... When can i move in? Just kidding.
    I'm happy and proud of you! Keep
    up the good work.

  5. Hey it's Mom speaking surrogately through my favorite daughter Stacy..( ok i added that) I like your place it looks nice.. i hope you and cory are doing good! (she really did call him cory- but then she realized what she said when i started laughing) i hope you are doing good. i love you..even though your not my ok i said that...

  6. Hey Girl,
    I love your new home. You did good!
    I adore older homes because of the history and character they possess. Do you by chance, know what year was the house built?
    Hugs, Tawny
    Ps... I would love to see more pictures of this amazing place!

  7. Unfortunately I don't know when it was built; doesn't it sort of remind you of the houses in Riverside? It's a charming little place and I love it more and more everyday!