Card Concoction

I try to do constructive things during the week once I get home from work. Aside from cleaning up which really isn't all that fun but I still have to wash dishes sometimes, check the mail, make the bed, etc. Not that Cody doesn't do his fair share or anything I'm just a stickler when it comes to keeping this in order. If I go without making the bed it will somehow alter my mood entirely, even if I don't have to look at it. Somehow my internal system just know that the bed is a mess and there are dishes left in the sink. I am more motivated to do things when the house is decently clean. In the recent past I was probably considered to have OCD but I've gotten a lot more relaxed. Especially since being in the mountains!
Can I be any more off subject right now?! Okay, so I was just showing you the cards I have made this week. The ones above are from a design on a photo box that I have which gave me the idea to put it on a card. It looked cool to me that's all. I took me a while to do just two. I've got to figure out easier ways to cut things out. Cody suggested a die-cutting machine after doing a little research. I have vowed not to buy any of these new supplies until AFTER Vegas though. And it's killing me cause there are some really neat papers and stamps that I have been looking at in the Walmart. haha But I'll be patient, I'll wait...........
The card below is a Quail that I found in an ad that I thought looked cool. Maybe you can see the little square above the actual card with the logo. On my board I drew the Quail out by hand then I cut out each piece so that I could use it to trace out on the color paper. It ended up being slightly longer than the card but o well if it won't fit into a regular envelope! I really liked the end result either way. Although it may not be finished after I let it sit for a while. That seems to be my problem though big time - I started this tree a couple weeks ago taking my first stab at "Art Journaling" and I haven't finished it yet. I keep thinking that it's missing something......
Anyhow, I'm super excited that it's finally FRIDAY although it's all gross and rainy outside right now. Tonight Cody and I are going to travel down the mountain to go to the mall. I'm on a mission to find some cute tops to wear for Vegas!! And I did go to the piddly mall here but found only one shirt that I liked; hopefully I will have more luck in a "real" mall. It's been a while since I've gone shopping, I don't enjoy it as much as I used to. But that's just because I'm cheap and try my best to save more than I spend. That's a good thing though.

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