~Wiseman's View~

September Meditation

I do not know if the seasons remember their history or if the days and
nights by which we count time remember their own passing.

I do not know if the oak tree remembers its planting or if the pine
remembers its slow climb toward sun and stars.
I do not know if the squirrel remembers last fall's gathering or if the
bluejay remembers the meaning of snow.
I do not know if the air remembers September or if the night remembers

the moon.
I do not know if the earth remembers the flowers from last spring or if
the evergreen remembers that it shall stay so.
Perhaps that is the reason for our births -- to be the memory for
Perhaps salvation is something very different than anyone ever expected.
Perhaps this will be the only question we will have to answer:
"What can you tell me about September?"
~ Burton D. Carley ~

*The September Meditation was brought to you courtesy of Cody's mom, Lee. I always love when you get a message from someone that simply lets you know that the thought of you crossed their mind -- for whatever reason. When I think of someone randomly I will generally pop them a quick message or email and sometimes even a call. Maintaining ties has become so important to me, more so now that I'm almost 500 miles away from where I spent the first 25 years of my life. I communicate with those I love in so many different ways; not everyone gets a homemade card or an email or a package. I mean my Mom doesn't even have a computer and would really not know what to do with it if she had one, hahaha. But I still love her and have to somehow manage to let her know. I don't call her as often as I should, but then again I don't call anyone nearly as often as I should. My days of spending hours on the phone are long gone -- now there I go; making myself feel old! I have always liked giving and receiving cards because to me they are so personal. Even if they say very little it's the sentiment behind it that matters the most. I'm sure not everyone feels the same way but you should try it sometime. Really, it requires much less effort than you would imagine. And the emotions evoked when received, come on, I love to brighten someones day in that way. I don't come off as the warmest person you will ever meet but I have my moments. I still try to take other peoples feelings into consideration even though I'm usually wrapped up in my own life. But I care. I have some of the most awesome friends, people who I don't necessarily speak to regularly but still know they are there if and when I should need them. Very supportive and encouraging, especially when it comes to my art. I love to know that they like a picture or blurb I shared on a particular day -- we all need that positive reinforcement in our life from time to time. Otherwise what are we doing it for?! I know one thing: I DO THIS FOR YOU!

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