Here are two postcards I received in the mail last week! You'll notice that one is from Cody while he was away on vacation in Cape Hatteras and the other is from one of my most favorite people Christie. Christie was in New York for the US Open and while there she sent me a postcard to add to my ever growing collection! Isn't she awesome.........and let's not forget Cody as he brought home a ton of postcards. What was funny is after I looked through them all naturally I picked out my most favorite ones which happened to be the ones that Cody selected as being the ones I would like most. I suppose that after being with someone for more than a year you start picking up on those sorts of things, huh?!
HELP ME ADD TO MY COLLECTION: If anyone is interested in sending me a postcard from your hometown or travel destination please send me an email & I will gladly forward my mailing address.


  1. That's something we have in common! I have a collection of postcards... I don't have time now, but I will e-mail you and send you some if you like...

  2. That would be AWESOME!!! And I can send you some too.........