Greeting From Cape Hatteras

©Cody Maddox 2007

Super jealous of the lost photo ops had I went along on the beach trip to Cape Hatteras with Cody and his co-workers but then again I would have been the only chick and, well, that's no fun. But being the best beau a girl could imagine he did not come home empty handed. He took a few snapshots and this one happens to be my absolute favorite, isn't it amazing! After seeing this I really wished that I sat there by his side to watch the sunsets on the beach. Along with some photos Cody brought back a fair share of postcards--somewhere around 10 I think! I will post those once I get the opportunity to scan them in. It's been a long time since my feet have touched the sand, it makes me a little home sick. Come November it will make a year since I've been back to Florida and believe me I miss my family so very much. They are never far from my thoughts.............


  1. WOW! Hatteras. Thats the beaches I grew up on, so you can see how FL was almost natural to fit right in. I miss it up there, as down here just doesnt have the beauty that the beaches there do. But we can always visit. I am glad you enjoyed it and sorry you are home sick. Come visit and we shall go to Islands. But not before eating something for breakfast with mushrooms in it and hoping that it rains while we are there. Take care you.

  2. Hey there girlie -- I didn't actually go with Cody on his trip to Cape Hatteras although I wish that I had.
    But soon enough we will plan a trip to the islands!!
    Gross...........mushrooms shooting out of noses--that's just classic!