Cerulean Dream

This picture bellows that which is almost ineffable to me;
the sky, silhouettes, and gently rippling waters are all so calming.
This week my personal goal is to get photos everyday of the brilliant fall colors, although today I fell short. It's been rainy all day today, thankfully because we needed it desperately. I knew I would have some sort of excuse not to fulfill my end of the bargain - even with Cody being a great motivator.
After a long weekend I think I can justify enjoying a nice relaxing evening with little to no excitement or obligation. If you didn't know already I was in Atlanta to attend a wedding that Cody was a participant in this past weekend. I have a few pictures I'll be posting which will give more detail at that time.
Just right around the corner is Thanksgiving. My plan this year is to spend Thanksgiving in Jacksonville since it's been since LAST Thanksgiving that I was there. I suppose that it would only be fair, huh?! Now that drive will add a few more hours than it took for us to get to and from Atlanta; meaning a little more strain on my delicate neck and shoulders. But I hope to begin Acupuncture sometime soon and I pray that it will offer some much needed relief.

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