Dazzling Dahlia

There are people that take the heart out of you, and there are people who put it back.

Last week while at the bank I noticed these little jars when I got to the teller that said "Take a thought of the day". So, feeling obliged to do so I took one and the above quotation is what was revealed when I unfolded the little piece of paper. For some reason it seemed appropriate at the time, although it wasn't until recently that I could actually relate to the message I chose. It's fairly difficult at times to detect the intentions of others and, we've all had those not so reputable people waltz in and out of our lives throughout the years. As for me things have gotten easier since I don't constantly have that turmoil in my everyday life, as it should be.
I was unbelievably productive last night, obviously trying to make up for the fact that we didn't go out shooting like I planned. I printed out some more pictures with my brand spanking new Epson printer, which I'm very happy with as far as quality goes. I have had this album where my plan was to have 2 of my favorite photos from every place we have been to this past year, but before I got my new printer I was still on Natural Tunnel State Park. So to give you an idea of how long ago that was - Natural Tunnel was a place we visited in the beginning of June! Needless to say I was pretty far behind, but I'm catching up. Now i'm up to Doughton Park which is where we took the Bambi picture (my favorite). Later this week I will work on it some more along with my various other ongoing projects.

*The photo above was taken the weekend before last while we were in Roan Mountain.


  1. Isnt it funny. I always say "all things happen for a reason" it may not be what you want, or what you thought but it will have a purpose in the end. And the saying you got, what a true statement it is.