Dreary Droplets

Mission Accomplished:

But, I hate the pictures I took yesterday so instead I decided to post this one. After work we hesitantly went to the Parkway to shoot since it's my personal goal this week to get some parkway shots. We drove a ways down the parkway to try and dodge the very dense fog that blanketed the road. Tough luck, there wasn't one spot that wasn't covered with the thick haze. Determined to get the job done anyway we humored ourselves by stopping at a semi-clear overlook and proceeded to take some photos. It's getting dark earlier these days so we weren't able to linger for very long.
The weather isn't too much different today than it was yesterday and unfortunately a damper has been placed upon my plans as of this morning. My car has been driving a little rough lately and carelessly I have paid little attention to the cause knowing it was going to cost me some money. But here's an instance where whether you want to or not you MUST deal with the problem. On my way to work as I pulled out of the driveway I noticed that the car was driving even funnier that it had been yesterday, I stopped, got out and saw the tire was flat. Thankfully, I wasn't too far from the driveway, so, we pulled back in and Cody began changing the tire out for a donut tire. Well, it was way worse than both of us expected when he finally got the tire off - the tire was so worm that the wires in the tire were exposed. I know, I know, it's entirely my fault for letting it go for this long. Everyone knows better, right?! Well, it's getting fixed today! I'm getting 4 new tires and at a decent price too. I feel greatly blessed at the moment for the simple fact that the whole situation could have been a lot worse had there been a blow out while we were driving. That is so scary to think about - I don't recommend tempting fate in the way that I have. Man, I've never felt so awful about admitting something that seems as trivial as tires before but geez. I will now accept any and all reprimands you may have to offer since it was such an idiotic thing to have happened in the first place. Although, I'm not sure if anyone can make me feel worse than I already do.

*This picture was taken this morning while Cody was changing the tire, haha.

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