Rhythm of the Rain

There's something beautiful to be found in the cadence of the rain, and the contrast in thoughts that it tends to bring.
My body has progressed to a state of deceleration that I have found to be unavoidable over the past few days, my brain says go but my body won't abide. I suppose that my sense of expression is due to be hindered for the time being, and I'm okay with that. I am perpetually behind in sorting my photos anyway so this has allowed me that extra time to sort through the endless files. I'm further in my 2007 picture album and am pretty happy with my results so far. It's also helping me with my idea to do a photography portfolio, narrowing down some of my most favorite pictures has proven to be more difficult than I imagined. I sat down to work on the Las Vegas book last night but didn't get very far since my computer runs like a loaded down mule. I mean it's only 8 years old with virtually no upgrades! I want a new one BAD........I really only us it for my photography purposes anymore anyhow but it's still slow as molasses, but that's another project for another day.
I left work early yesterday because I had the worst headache, it may have even been a migraine. I could not keep my eyes open because I was so sensitive to the lights in my office. My car has 4 new tires and it runs like a dream, I even got a free oil change out of the deal - how awesome is that! I'm happy that's it's no longer a worry in my mind and that we can safely share the roads.
*The above picture was taken on April 1, 2007*

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