As an attempt to be open I'm going to confess something, just yesterday Cody received a postcard from his Mom and expecting me to post it, I refused. I realize that with me being the post card collecting junkie you may find that somewhat hard to believe, but let me explain myself. I'm not sure why I automatically assumed or believed that his Mom would actually address it only to Cody while leaving me to wonder why I wasn't included as well but this is where I feel like a nincompoop - today I got home from work to find my very own postcard from none other that Cody's Mom which was solely addressed to me. Just yesterday I was slightly bothered by the idea that I had been left out and I went over this past weekend in my head to try and figure out what I may have done wrong, why wasn't my name on the postcard too. I feel rather silly now, especially after getting my very own postcard with a simple but heartfelt message that meant so much to me. Although you didn't know I still feel sorry for even thinking like that and I could have very easily not said anything and went along my merry way but I couldn't..............
Thank you for the wonderful postcard, I truly think the world of you and look forward to what will come.

HELP ME ADD TO MY COLLECTION: If anyone is interested in sending me a postcard from your hometown or travel destination please send me an email & I will gladly forward my mailing address.

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  1. Jessica,
    I enjoy reading your blog.
    Mine is pretty boring, especially without pictures! Maybe you can show me how to add pics sometime?

    You know, I didn't mean to "trick" you with the postcards! I wanted to double the fun. But your confession reveals just how honest you are willing to be with yourself and others.

    Your transparency is refreshing, like the keen eye you're developing behind the camera lens.