The Prodigal SUN Returns..............

This weekend proved to me once again why I am so very thankful when the sun shines. The weather of last week can get you down right depressed when the deficiency of the sun lasts that many days in a row. By Saturday morning I felt normal again, and was ready to get outside and enjoy the day. I couldn't stop smiling because I was so happy that the sun had returned. These pictures were actually taken yesterday when Cody and I took a walk around Bass Lake. I've had this idea of taking the throwing leaves pictures for a few weeks now but until yesterday we weren't able to do them. Although Cody was the one behind the camera I merely had the idea, set up the shot, and supplied the enthusiasm - not that Cody wasn't a willing subject or anything, he just didn't get into it at ALL. I fulfilled my picture taking goal this weekend and throughout the week I will be sharing some of those favorites with you, as usual.


  1. Beautiful pics, and you look like you made it work. Fun times I am sure. I love how you enjoy the simple things in life and are amazed at the beauty of life and all that it has to offer. Miss ya girl.

  2. I enjoy your photos so much! I love the childhood simplicity of this photo! Your photos usually make me smile or stop and reflect. Thank you for that...