Bays Mountain Park

Before breakfast on Saturday we didn't even know where we wanted to go but by the time we were done paying for our breakfast I had spotted a brochure. Now this brochure is a part of that all too familiar display that has a variety of musings we locals tend to pass by. I am not one of those locals, respectfully. Every single weekend I can pick something different to do with no fear of overlapping our weekend outdoor activities. That's what I absolutely love about being here, there is an endless supply of wholesome entertainment that motivates me more than anything else. When asked what I want to do when the weekend rolls around I answer, "Something new!" and without fail we always seem to make it happen. Cody has taught me to be a little more flexible simply by example, when I say "Hey, let's go here!", he normally goes along with it...........and we always have a great time. This past weekend was no exception to that statement, we set out to Kingsport, TN which is about 1.5 hours away. What caught my eye was the fact that it was a nature preserve with animal habitats, hiking trails, nature center, and planetarium. After we leisurely strolled around the animal habitats and nature center we set off on the Lakeside Trail hike; which was a total of 2.3 miles around the lake. We both really enjoyed our hike although they all take way longer than they rightfully should with my constant stopping to snap photos. Cody used to be all about keeping a nice pace but now he must exercise sporadic periods of patience since he knows it makes me happy for him to do so without complaints :)
Read more about the park here: BAY MOUNTAIN PARK

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