Splendor of the Sun...............

As I came across this photo during my initial sort I passed by it briefly but then felt like I should go back and take another look. Upon second glance as I stared at this picture I suddenly got this nagging feeling, I like it, but I don't like it. There are so many beautiful things I see about this picture but then there are problems with it that I don't like just the same. I like how if it weren't for the blue sky it would almost look as though it could have been taken at night, although it's the sun that twinkles through the trees, and just so happens to back-light the brilliant orange leaves all at once. I also like the path of sunlight dancing on the top of the water; had I exposed the photo trying to light up the tree trunk, the effect would have been completely different. I don't normally think about these things a whole lot but I've been reading this new book called "Understanding Exposure" and despite the fact that I've only read 1 chapter it has totally opened my eyes to this whole new world. I confess, I know very little about what I love when you consider the technical aspect of photography. The glue that holds it all together would be that I carry an intense passion to share and document this momentous time in my life. I do think that I can be a better photographer but only if I spent more time on those creative choices waiting to be discovered with every single shot.
I'm looking forward to my next chapter!


  1. I understand about the sun thing. It finally came out today here too. We still tried to enjoy fishing even though the weather was not much to be desired. Looks like you guys had a great time. That place is beautiful!

  2. I am going to look for that book. Thanks for mentioning it.

    I am not very sophisticated in my photo tastes. Most times I couldn't say WHY I like a photo, I just know in my gut whether I do or not. I guess that's not a bad thing, though.

    If I lived in NC it'd be hard not to want to tape my life 24/7. Such beautiful landscape.