Fremont Street

Overflowing with vintage charm the Fremont Street Experience was on happening place. Unfortunately for us we didn't end up there until our last night but we quickly realized that is was by far our most favorite scene as far as glitz and momentum were concerned. Where as with the strip things are a little more spread out even though every square inch of it is covered with buildings. The atmosphere was just so lively and comfortable you just assumed that you fit in. And truth be told we did! We hung out at the Fremont Casino for a couple hours and that is where I finally got up the nerve to play at a blackjack table. I kept getting in trouble for doing the wrong thing, haha. "Don't touch your cards with both hands!" and then I couldn't count fast enough when I was put on the spot, I was a real mess. I still had fun though either way - I lost $40.00 but at least I tried!

Now this right here was absolutely insane. The world's largest big screen coined Viva Vision! We didn't catch this one show which involves jets but the show we did see was really big and really loud. I mean I don't exactly know what to think about something like that. It was massive!

So this is really the end of our Las Vegas trip and as you can see we did a whole lot of really neat things. I've caught myself wishing on more than one occasion this week that we were all back there. But it's on to the next adventure! I don' t know exactly what or where that will be but as soon as I figure it out I bet you'll know. Just in case you haven't noticed I have a new Flickr account which I have started filling with pictures from our most recent trip some that were not posted here so check it out when you get the opportunity.

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  1. I have too many times this week wished I was back in the Bahamas, or Vegas, hell anywhere but home. Like you, I must wait for the next adventure. And then share it with you as you have shared yours. Glad you guys had a great trip.