Whisperings of a Sunset...............

My Happy Birthday message from Tawny:
May you always find beauty in all that you are
May the wind always follow you
May the fire within always burn
May your heart always be pure
May you always grow
May you always seek the balance
and, may you always "Walk in Beauty"

*Now tell me how wonderful is that.


  1. That pic is beautiful, and the message was touching. What a great thing for a friend to say.

  2. Thank you.......I loved the poem too - very touching.

  3. *smiles*

    We have been through a lot in our time of knowing each other Jessica. And, I have always seen the beauty from deep with in you. It warms my heart to see you finally noticing it yourself.

  4. Awe shucks........are you trying to make me cry :) I love you!!