I know you missed me!!!!!!!

So, I lied. I'm sure that I would have liked you all to think that I am wild and crazy and that I got into all sorts of mischief on our most recent trip to Las Vegas but sorry to report that - no I did not! But we did have an awesome time. There were so many things to do and such a short amount of time to do it in. For the remainder of the week I will be posting pictures and details about what we did while in the city that never sleeps. I did my best not to drive everyone insane with an itinerary that outlined everything and everywhere I wanted to go. I soon realized that it was extremely impractical to try and do EVERYTHING on my list. I thought it best to take our time and not rush around so that it would actually feel like a vacation. Coordinating 4 people was a challenge since some were ready faster than others and ideals weren't always parallel when picking out things to do but it was okay anyway. Most of our downtime was spent at our hotel - THE TROPICANA. For the price we paid it proved to be more than what I initially expected. Their slogan is "The way Las Vegas was meant to be" because they are one of the oldest hotels still standing on the strip and from the outdated decor you can surely tell. But instead of that taking away it definitely added to the experience; I would highly recommend The Tropicana if any of you are thinking of heading to the Las Vegas Strip anytime soon. They didn't have a whole lot of gambling tables to offer but there were a butt load of slots to dump your money in. I'm sure you're all wondering whether I won or lost..............well, I pretty much just lost. What little bit I did actually gamble. It really just wasn't my thing I suppose but it was fun. I didn't get up the nerve to play blackjack until Friday night. As with Cody & Jared they preferred the blackjack tables to anything else. You do lose your money a lot slower that way as opposed to putting your money into the bottomless slots. Our hotel was really close to New York New York which was Sisters favorite place to hang out. She went there I can't even tell you how many times! It was a pretty neat place. I couldn't believe how massive these hotels were and how complicatedly decorated they all are I mean inside and out. I'm sure that I would be cringing for days had I actually known how much money all that stuff costs. You definitely feel pressure to buy, buy, buy but I resisted the temptation. Okay, I take that back - I bought more postcards than the average human being. And I would go so far as to say that I spent more money on postcards than I did on gambling, hahaha. I even thought at one point that maybe I should go to or start some sort of postcard anonymous. I did cut myself off and besides they aren't all for me. Maybe I'm going to send you one?!?!? Also across the street from our hotel was The Excalibur which was the most absurd thing you would ever lay your eyes on! We ventured there late Friday night in search of a $5 blackjack table but instead were left disappointed. So we only stayed there for a short amount of time before deciding that it was way past our bedtime. It was really hard to adjust to the time change in just four days so we would stay up late and wake up way too early which threw us way off! So to cover all four corners the other hotel across the way was the MGM Grand. Now this is one that for some reason we weren't all to interested to see what was inside so it went unexplored but here is a shot of it anyhow. And pretty much our first night was about feeling it all out, we walked as far as the Bellagio before turning back to head towards our end of the strip. We did however catch the fountain show in front of the Bellagio which was pretty cool. Let me tell you what the most exorbitant sight was ..........okay I know I should have taken a picture but I didn't............even the Walgreens and CVS had bright shining flashing showy Las Vegas lights! It was crazy! But we did finally get tired once the jet lag finally caught up to us and we went back to the hotel room for some shut eye. I know you can't wait to see what we did the next day can you, I can barely stand it myself. But bear with me - Cody and I both are experiencing some computer difficulties at the moment so I have faith that my computer can make it a little longer..............


  1. Well I am glad that you had a good time and got to experience all that you did. Vegas for everyone is what they make it. Not everyone just goes there to party and gamble. Like you said there is so much to do there, it impossible to be bored and not find your nitch with something. Cant wait to see more pics.

  2. Can hardly wait to see all your photos with you in it in Las Vegas!